Mark Sanchez’s warning to Zach Wilson after the Jets Steelers


New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson during Week 4 of the 2022 season.

Zach Wilson’s debut at the 2022 New York Jets was up and down, but after the fourth-quarter comeback triumph, the bottom line was a hit.

Matt Lombardo of the NFL’s Heavey team wrote that “Wilson came of age on his debut in 2022,” describing it as a kind of igniter for the jets offense. It certainly felt like a big moment in the young caller’s career, but as former QB franchisor Mark Sanchez knows, one win doesn’t automatically turn into a long-term answer.

For Sanchez, Record 33-29 It wasn’t enough to earn a second contract with Gang Green after a Shoulder injury In 2013. No, becoming “the guy” requires consistency and the former New York quarterback received a friendly warning to Wilson after the win.

Marc Sanchez to Zach Wilson: ‘Don’t start drinking Kool Aid’

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During Guest place on “The Herd” With Colin Cord, the former gunslinger turned radio analyst spoke about Wilson’s performance in Pittsburgh.

“No, it was a big deal,” Sanchez agreed with Cord before offering some advice. “I just don’t want him to have it [overconfident] – Don’t start drinking Kool-Aid now. “

Sanchez has also had some harsh love criticism for Cowherd’s current Jets QB.

Sanchez continued, “I want to take you to this play right before the break, and that’s the topic I see with Zach and something he should clean up – just he should completely remove him from his game. You have 33 seconds left, third and third 11, you have two timeouts here, which is He throws that ball into a defensive team meeting. Are you kidding me? I absolutely loved it, and listen, I did the same in my first two years playing…Maybe that’s why I can’t train because I’m going to completely lose my mind and suffocate the midfielder on the field.”

“That’s the problem,” Sanchez said noisily. “First, you have a lot of time – time is more important, time-outs are more important, the situation trumps this whole reading – I don’t care if we get first, you can scramble [or] Do what you are already in the field goal range. Get a few extra yards, make it an easier field goal to shoot with chips, but the fact that we’d put that anywhere near a defender, isn’t at all like that.”

Later, Sanchez compared that objection to Wilson’s decision not to go out of bounds when he injured his knee during pre-season. “Little things like that,” he explained, “cause we just say Kenny Beckett came in and threw a lower interception, threw a touchdown—boom, you were defeated by three and you had three free points before the break? [NYC] The media will eat him alive, he will be the absolute hornet’s nest.”

For what he’s worth, he’s not wrong. The win often changes the narrative and this poor selection from Wilson resulted in a six-point swing that was quickly forgotten after the match. Having said that, the BYU producer is still young and displays a strong desire to learn — Sanchez just reminds him that at the NFL level, class is always in session.

Marc Sanchez calls in aircraft trainers

For those who blamed offensive coordinator Mike Lafleur or coach Robert Saleh for it, Sanchez did not excuse the coaching staff.

“If you know he plays like this – [if] He’s not ready to handle this situation — protect him from himself,” he said to the coaches. “Summon a timeout, burn one of the timeout — you have two, right? … you get two timeouts, one for the kicking team, the other for the attack. You have to burn one when attacking because something went wrong or because someone stayed in the frontier and you have to stop the clock – burn it.”

It was a better showing from the inexperienced staff in Week 4 but Sanchez was right again, there are still some areas they could improve. For example, don’t assume that a sophomore quarterback will use common sense.

“Drag him to the sideline, grab him by the face mask,” Sanchez told Coward, “Hey, one thing we can’t do here, we can’t lose yards and we can’t object.” We can’t give up the ball in this play, the end result.”

This play is reminiscent of the quarterback’s offside decision versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021 that cost the Jets a surprise victory at the end of the season. Don’t sit back and let Wilson learn from his mistakes, grab the bull by the horns and teach him situational football before he makes a silly choice at a critical moment.


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