Nearly half of all PlayStation games in development may be live service titles

PlayStation’s transition into the live services industry is in full swing.

SIE Worldwide Studios president, Hermen Hulst, revealed that PlayStation has more than 25 games in development, a large portion of which are direct service games. This comes at a time when Sony has clarified its stance on live service games and is pushing to release several of these titles by 2025.

In an interview with GQ“We have about 25 addresses under development and about half of them are new IP addresses,” Holst said. Add to that knowledge from SIE President Jim Ryan who has already revealed the company’s plans to release at least 10 such games by 2025, and it seems likely that many of the 25 games currently in development are a live service. Ryan also explained that these will be “games without end”, and many of these games will be released every year until 2025.

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The focus on PlayStation’s live service likely began with the acquisition of Bungie. Destiny is one of the most popular live-service games and has been around for nearly a decade. Hulst praised the Bungie team for their success over the years and said, “They speak our language and so have been doing it for a decade since the original release of Destiny. So the battle scars they’ve had, along with the sheer transparency mean I can’t think of a better partner in those space”.

This direct service strategy is aligned with Sony’s push for PC and mobile. Sony recently realized that launching its games on PC is a good business considering the successful launches of God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. It also plans to put about 50 percent of its PC exclusives by 2025, with The Last of Us and Uncharted slated to arrive after that. However, in an interview with Julian CheezyHolst stated that it would take at least a year for Sony’s individual IP addresses to reach the PC, but the live service games “will move day and date with the PC and PlayStation platform.”

Currently, the only PlayStation game with a live service is the “Diamond Dynasty” mode on MLB The Show 22. However, we also know that PlayStation is looking to release at least two such games in 2023, so an announcement about them may be imminent.

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