“Nigerian Youths Deserve More Than Paltry Appointments”, Ibadan-Based Entertainer, Shete Declares

artist from Ibadan, Olakunle Akinsit He called for more inclusion of Nigerian youths in governance, saying that they play a vital role in the development of the nation.

Congratulating the citizens on the 62nd anniversary of Nigeria’s independence, Akinset, who is vying for an elective office in Oyo state, said the youth are more ready than before to face the older generation.

According to Akinsete, the upcoming general elections give Nigerian youths the opportunity to make the right choice.

“Yes, the older generation has shortened the vital and innovative part of the country to become Minister of Sports and Commissioners for Youth and Sports Development at various levels of government. But then, we have more to offer than this.

Speaking in Ibadan on Monday, Akinsett said: “Young people are ready to take the lead. He emphasized that our youth will not make themselves available to the political class to use to foment unrest during elections.

The Ibadan-based artist is running for an elective position in the Oyo State House of Representatives, on the platform of the Social Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party.

He is seeking to represent Ibadan Southwest District 2 in the Oyo State Assembly.

Akinsete, better known as Shete, revealed his plans to compete under the SDP, saying, “I want to benefit from being an artist and carousel entertainment in general.”

After his announcement, top performers in Ibadan pledged their support for Shetty, urging other young people to do the same.

Meanwhile, Shete began a community tour of the lounges and event centers in his constituency, with fellow artists free of charge.

The tour will feature comedians, musicians and artists from the city of Ibadan.

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