Padme secretly saved Darth Vader’s life before the return of the Jedi

In the latest issue of Darth Vader, the legacy of Padmé who saved the life of the Dark Lord before the return of the Jedi through the Queen’s Shadow is revealed.

warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Darth Vader #27

In the last issue of Darth VaderThe legacy of Padmé Amidala saves the Dark Lord of the Sith before the events of Return of the Jedi. After accepting former Queen Shadow Sabé as one of his allies, Darth Vader is working to destroy an alleged corrupt imperial ruler with links to the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn. However, the repercussions of the battle require Sabé to make a big choice in star Wars galaxy.

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previously in Darth Vader From writer Greg Buck and artist Rafael Enco, The Dark Lord has rooted out Crimson Dawn spies embedded in multiple levels of the imperial hierarchy. He also takes on Sabé as one of his new agents (although she does try to kill him at the beginning of this series which is set after The Empire strikes back!). Since their first meeting, Sabi has witnessed the recording of Padme’s last words, believing that there is still good in her husband. Armed with this knowledge and the secret that Vader was Anakin Skywalker, Sabé cautiously tried to find out if Padmé was right.

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Now, the new Darth Vader #27 He sees the Dark Lord risking his life to save Sabi while also battling a corrupt ruler using experimental technology and advanced weapons (including star Wars’ A copy of the Hulkbuster’s armor for Iron Man). While Vader manages to destroy the governor’s mobile castle, she ends up escaping from the grip of the Dark Lord as the base around him collapses, greatly damaging his shield. As such, Sabé is given the perfect opportunity to kill a helpless Sith master, a chance to fulfill her original mission as Queen’s Shadow after Padmé’s death. However, Sabi’s recollection of the Queen’s love and faith in Anakin motivates her to save the Dark Lord instead, as she offers him help he would never have had without the love and hope of his late wife.

As Sabé helps The Dark Lord emerge from the wreckage, Vader’s robot reveals that the ruler was not working with Crimson Dawn but was in fact receiving her orders directly from Emperor Palpatine himself. As such, Sabé and Vader seem to be all about facing the Dark Lord in upcoming issues. However, the former queen’s shadow is unlikely to survive the trial, seeing how he has already been disturbed by Palpatine who is well aware of Sabé and Vader’s desire to protect her due to her association (and similarity) with Padmé.

Anyway, this is new star Wars The series made it very clear that Padmé was a fixed idea in his mind Darth Vader during the era of the original trilogy. Likely the main reason why he tried so hard to preserve his past was the death and burial of Anakin, allowing him to control his pain in order to fuel his hatred of the dark side. However, Padmé’s memory and legacy were directly responsible for saving his life in this new case, something that is likely to have an impact as the Dark Lord approaches his salvation in Return of the Jedi. Darth Vader #27 It is for sale now.

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