What is CryptoTab Browser? Is it safe to use?

CryptoTab Browser is causing controversy because it claims to mine Bitcoin for free while browsing the internet and accessing your favorite websites. CryptoTab just requires you to install it and sign in with your Gmail account to start earning “Free Bitcoins”.

very simple. However, does it work? Should You Download and Use CryptoTab Browser?

What is CryptoTab Browser?

CryptoTab Browser is an internet browser with some bitcoin mining features. It allows you to earn bitcoins just by surfing the internet, without playing online games or watching videos.

Although there are claims that you can earn additional income to supplement the income you already have, it is important to note that you will not get rich due to this type of crypto mining.

You can earn bitcoins in many ways when using the CryptoTab browser. In addition to mining, you can earn by building an affiliate network – a network of friends that will help you perform better. In theory, you can earn when a referral downloads and installs the CryptoTab browser.

CryptoTab Browser Features

CryptoTab, which is based on the Chromium platform, has built-in mining features. The browser also has features that make browsing online and earning BTC easier. In addition, you can participate in the referral program and earn referral revenue by sharing a personal link or choosing my link independently.

You can download and install CryptoTab on PC and mobile devices (Android and iOS) by visiting cryptotabe Official Website. You can create a mining network, use the browser extension Cloud To increase your hash rate and, when necessary, make withdrawals to your wallet.

Download: CryptoTab Browser for windows | Android (free)

Download: CryptoTab Browser for iOS ($3.99)

Here are other features of CryptoTab:

You can use private and secure search, Do Not Track feature, and search suggestions. Choose your preferred search engine, and change the default search settings.

Windows and tabs

Use tab groups and private tabs, move them around the screen, and pin them, if necessary, to customize the user interface. Use bookmarks and visual tools to customize the New Tab page.


This feature boosts mining many times over, so you can achieve more with the same hardware you already own. You can use a different payment on every device connected to your account, including mobile and desktop. However, you should be aware that running Cloud.Boost on a mobile device can cause great harm if it gets too hot, which can happen with the additional processing resources used.

Security and filters

CryptoTab enables customized profiles for multiple users and securely keeps passwords and personal data. You are protected from online fraud and other threats by automatically blocking IP addresses and suspected malware extensions.

Title Bar

Use the address bar to perform web searches, add and manage bookmarks, share links with your other devices, and check website security.

Mining option

The built-in mining algorithm is the basis of the CryptoTab browser. However, the developers did not stop there. You can hook up your other hardware to mine more quickly, make unlimited withdrawals, and get help when necessary. You can also join the affiliate program to significantly increase your CryptoTab revenue.

How to use CryptoTab Browser

With CryptoTab Browser, you can start earning cryptocurrency. While using this browser to surf the internet, you can mine bitcoin. You have to download CryptoTab Browser, create a new account, and login before you can start earning.

  1. click sign in.
  2. click login with google On the login page of the CryptoTab browser.
  3. Enter your email address and click next one.
  4. Enter your Google password and click next one.
  5. Create a strong and unique password, then tap next one to log in.
  6. Once you log in, you can start earning Bitcoin.

How to Turn on the CryptoTab Mining Feature

You can use the built-in mining feature of the CryptoTab browser to mine Bitcoin. By default, this feature is disabled. However, you can enable it by following these steps:

  1. open the start menuthen head to Settings > System > Power & Sleep.
  2. Choose Additional power settings under Related settings.
  3. then press Change plan settingswhich will open the file Edit plan settings Window.
  4. Click the option that says Change advanced power settings.
  5. expansion in Processor power management by scrolling down.
  6. expansion in Minimum processor state setting.
  7. Designation 100% for both on battery And the connected.
  8. After clicking File Progressing button, click yes.
  9. Close all open windows. You can now start mining Bitcoins on your computer.

Mining at full speed can slow down your device’s performance and cause it to overheat, especially on mobile devices.

How to withdraw CryptoTab browser earnings

If you use CryptoTab, you will get used to transferring your earnings to your Bitcoin wallet. However, for new users and beginners in the crypto space, here’s how to transfer bitcoins to your crypto wallet:

  1. Launch CryptoTab and login.
  2. Mouse over the icon in the form of three horizontal lines
  3. tap on Withdraw BTC button.
  4. The amount The field where you must enter the withdrawal amount.
  5. In the BTC address Enter the Bitcoin wallet address you want to withdraw funds to. This means that you will create a Bitcoin wallet. Do your research to find what works best for you. You can check out our guide on the best cryptocurrency wallets.
  6. click Withdraws. Expect a 24 hour processing time for your withdrawal.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is 0.00001 BTC.

Is CryptoTab Browser Safe?

According to the developers of the CryptoTab browser, you can browse and mine Bitcoins for free. Although it can be used as a standalone browser for surfing the internet, bitcoin mining is the main feature of CryptoTab. It is unclear why this app has a browser, as it is not required for Bitcoin mining work. However, the app was first developed as a browser extension, so it could just be an evolution of the original feature.

This argument raises another argument: How secure is a cryptocurrency mining browser? To answer this question, we will need to evaluate the browser with a different usage before we can conclude.

the team

The CryptoTab team is anonymous, and there is not much information about it online. CryptoTab was created by CryptoCompany, an Estonian private limited company.

It offers 14 solutions that facilitate interaction with cryptocurrency and allow users to get Bitcoin without making more investments. This includes apps for managing a mining farm, a crypto wallet, mobile and desktop versions of CryptoBrowser, and a variety of useful additional utilities and services. According to the company, its products are used by more than 40 million people.

business model

CryptoTab is built on a legitimate business model. Referral programs are officially recognized as legal business entities. However, there is a fine line between legal and illegal.

Referral programs that require a financial investment prior to participation are illegal. As long as CryptoTab does not need to deposit funds to start cryptocurrency mining, you can consider it a legitimate company.

App Store Listings

You can download the CryptoTab app from the Apple Store and Google Play. These stores are known to conduct rigorous testing before listing any apps. They check and verify that applications are free of malware and viruses.

The fact that CryptoTab browser is available on both Google and Apple devices shows that it is secure. However, it does not promise that CryptoTab will be profitable.

CryptoTab Browser – Is It Really Worth It?

CryptoTab has a great rating in the Chrome App Store, along with social media platforms and online reviews. It is an option to earn Bitcoin while you are surfing the internet because it is relatively safe, and it really pays off. However, although it is not a scam, it is very slow and only works well with a wide range of affiliates.

According to CryptoTab, the browser uses your computer’s persistent resources. However, users have conflicting views and accuse the crypto mining app of undermining the performance of their devices. Also, there are a lot of cloud boosts that Boost can provide, and we also caution that you should expect greater returns.

Overall, CryptoTab Browser does not appear to be a scam, but due to the extremely small amount of Bitcoin you can earn in exchange for its status as an affiliate scheme, we advise you to fail it.

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