Herman Moore talks about Aaron Glenn’s Future With Lions


Aaron Glenn trains with the Lions in the pre-season 2021 match.

A week after the Detroit Lions allowed 48 points and lost despite scoring 45 themselves, there won’t be much patience and calm, especially with Aaron Glenn.

Glenn has been called up repeatedly for his work this week, and many now believe he should be in the hot seat of the team. However, former Detroit Herman Moore has other ideas.

In the wake of a frustrating loss in which so many people had major opinions, Moore calls for patience and calm. Like he said, there’s still a long season to go and more games for the team to try to get the ship right on that side of the ball.

As a result, Moore doesn’t think many should be quick to judge Glenn harshly.

“My opinion – everyone should stop demanding Aaron Glenn’s head, stop taking everything apart and stop saying the end of the season. As always, I welcome opposing views” chirp.

Within the clip, Moore was more direct as to what he meant specifically.

“Everyone stop it. Aaron Glenn stuff. Stop it by separating things. Stop with the fact that the season is already over. There is a lot of work to be done, but there are more games to be played,” Moore stated.

Moore clearly wants to see the fan base gather behind the team to see what they can do the rest of the season rather than give up. This might not be a bad idea, given that there are still plenty of games left for the rest of the way.

Dan Campbell has given Glenn a vote of confidence

Speaking after a 48-45 loss, Campbell was asked about the defense’s inability to improve and especially Glenn. As he said, he’s not pressing the panic button on Glenn, whom he considers a good coach, nor the team.

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“I’m going to sit down with (Aaron Glenn). AG is a good coach and that’s the same thing I said to the team. The worst thing we can do is start pointing fingers at each other. I did this, we didn’t do this.” We can’t do that guy. We can’t let anyone break us up because as grim as we are now, we’re not as far away as we feel but until we do something about it and stop talking about it, it doesn’t matter.We can say we’ll be better but until we actually do it and commit and get better training and on them Carry that on their shoulders They need some accountability and our captain and our vets have to say enough is enough and what are they going to do about it? What do we have to do about it? I mean we are all in the same boat together and we have to clean it up but I know this, we can’t go in Panic because it’s the worst thing you can do.”

Specifically, Campbell said he has to get more hands-on with Glenn to try and figure out some issues, even as he trusts the assistants as well as Glenn himself to get the job done.

“I have a lot of faith in Aaron Glenn. I have a lot of faith in these assistants and I think it just comes down to, we just sit down and look at everything together,” Campbell said. . A real deep dive into it. Players, everything we do but I also trust what he does and there is a reason why I hired him. So I want to let him do his work but for sure, I have to look a lot deeper than I was.”

A deep dive of the man’s head is needed, and this may involve working with Glenn to find solutions. Lions clearly have a lot of work to do, but anyone looking for an unexpected Campbell reaction to Glenn is likely to be disappointed.

Detroit’s defense has time to transform

If there’s one thing Moore is all about, it’s that the Lions will have plenty of time to find fixes and make improvements.

Detroit only played four games, and while their defense has some ugly numbers, there will be an opportunity to improve on those numbers. The Lions can find a way to toughen up the plan and improve marginally, and that may help their team improve overall.

Another variable to remember? The Lions have many injured players on defense, and they’ll have a chance of getting rid of that as people return after the farewell week. The Lions could see the likes of corner back Jerry Jacobs, linebacker Josh Paschal, Edge Romeo Okwara and others returning soon enough to provide reinforcements.

While the numbers and optics aren’t great, the Black Glen is unlikely to fire mid-season anyway. All people can do is sit back and be patient and see if the team can find a way to improve under his guidance for the rest of 2022.

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