Von Miller called up to comment on Steelers QB Kenny Pickett


Buffalo Bills player Von Miller (R) is called up for his aggressive reaction to Steeler Kenny Pickett (L)’s press conference.

The Buffalo Bills (3-1) are heading into Week 5 as the 14-point favorite to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers which is a huge blow to the franchise. The Steelers haven’t been a 14-point underdog since the NFL/AFL merger in 1970 making Sunday’s game odds a major talking point.

Rookie quarterback Kenny Beckett, who was picked to take over the starting role from Mitch Trubesky, was asked about the team’s historically unfavorable prospects.

“Guys, everyone thinks we’re underdogs. We don’t, so we’re going to go in there with some confidence,” Beckett reporters On Wednesday, October 5th. So, that’s something we need to take care of during the week or else we won’t have a chance.”

“It’s the details. It’s the little things. Guys are running at the right depth. I have to be on time, give a great ball, and they’ll play. The streak is going to protect; they’ve done a great job all year. So I have a lot of confidence in these guys. Everyone really does their job and we’ll be fine.”

Later that night, Bills star Von Miller was checking out posts on Reddit during a live broadcast when he came across an excerpt of Pickett’s comments. The 33-year-old veteran dismissed Beckett’s mentality and proceeded to go into an aggressive tirade against his rising opponent.

“Who thinks you are weak, my friend?” Miller He said. “Like, geez, Kenny. Stop, Kenny! Don’t try to get mad at us man. Just come and play the game. Why is he looking at the difference? No one’s looking at the spread of the game. Like, no one’s looking at any of that. We’re just getting ready.” To play the Steelers. Don’t try to become a crazy fake. Don’t try to get mad at us. Nobody thinks you’re an underdog, Kenny. Don’t do that.”

NFL fans and analysts react strongly to Miller’s rant

Many analysts and fans in the NFL did not appreciate Miller’s reaction. Trilife Journalist Tim Benz applauded, “Hmmm. I don’t know. I’m sure someone is being falsely angry in this conversation. But I don’t think it’s Beckett.”

CBS Sports Reporter Bryan DeArdo wrote, “It is strange that Beckett’s comments so upset Rich Miller that he decided to go into a one-minute rant on social media. Beckett didn’t guarantee victory. Instead, he talked about how he and his teammates needed an excellent week of training in order to “Having a chance ‘to defeat the Bills that many forecasters have already set up in the Super Bowl in February'”.

fanAndrew Limberg wrote, “I’m not sure exactly what Miller is trying to do here. The Steelers are a 14-point underdog…I think a lot of people are talking about the Steelers being an underdog than Miller thinks, especially since it’s the biggest season of the season.”

one fan pointed out On Twitter, Bills coach Sean McDermott told his team back in 2017 that “Embracing the mentality of the underdog“While another man Requested“Is von Miller serious about this?”

One man defended Miller and chirp“I think he says they’re playing every game professional. The bills are well billed. They don’t look at teams you think we’re going to take out. They don’t look at price margins. The Steelers need the same mindset. Pro’s vs Pro’s.”

The two-time Super Bowl champion would probably want to hear more of Pickett’s fight before the start of his career, or perhaps a feeling similar to that of Steelers Center Mason Cole. “In our minds, we’re going to go out and win the game,” Cole said. Sports Illustrated. “Screw the Vegas stripes. We don’t worry about it, whether we are favored or underdog.”

Mike Tomlin said he was concerned about the ‘environment’ in Buffalo for Beckett’s first start

While Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has full confidence in Beckett’s step up, he is concerned that the 24-year-old will start for the first-ever in a usually very noisy and completely sold-out location in Buffalo, playing against No. .1 pass defense in the NFL.

“We have no reservations about what Kenny will be capable of in terms of the charts,” Tomlin said. One Bell Live Host Chris Brown. “Obviously, we have a level of concern about the environment we take him into, but you have a level of concern about which quarterback you take in that environment versus that defense in that place.”


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