Nix urged to trade in promising youth prospects


Isaiah Hartenstein’s reaction as Cam Reddish of the New York Knicks looks on during the first half against the Detroit Pistons.

For a long time, the New York Knicks have been one of the most frequently found teams mentioned in the trade rumor mill.

From their well-documented pursuit of Donovan Mitchell to Many of their unremarkable transactionsLeon Rose and his cohorts were an incredibly active group this past summer as they looked to further strengthen the football club’s roster.

And while we are now several weeks away from that time period and are already two games into the 2022-23 pre-season, some believe the New York front office should still consider aggressively making a great trade at some point during this upcoming campaign, and The folks at Bleacher Report seem to view player one, in particular, as the perfect outbound asset.

Author Zack Buckley stated in an October 7 article Of all the players currently on the Knicks roster, Year 4 striker Cam Reddish is a player who should seriously consider trading.

“Cam Reddish’s trade with the New York Knicks was supposed to give him a fresh start, but it was a lot of the frustration he faced in Atlanta,” Buckley wrote.

“He has yet to beat the keys to consistency, perhaps because he struggled to find a consistent stretch of good health. His 2021-22 campaign ended early with a shoulder injury, and his pre-season debut was interrupted by an ankle injury.

“The Knicks may remain intrigued by its 3D and 3D capabilities, but another scene change appears to be needed. With RJ Barrett and Quentin Grimes in wing rotation and a really strong forward stance, Reddish’s opportunities are limited in the Empire State.”

The concept of seeing the 23-year-old traded from the Knicks is certainly nothing new, As Mark Berman of the New York Post reported on Sept. 1, That Reddish “wanted to change the scene,” though forward Quickly refute these claims in a comment on Instagram Soon and recently They discussed to the media on September 28 how these reports were incorrect.

Regardless of whether he wants to get out of New York or not, it’s indisputable that his name has been linked to trade rumors on multiple occasions in the past, and in Buckley’s opinion, they should seriously consider moving on from him.

However, when looking at Reddish’s potential, there is a strong argument to be made that the club needs to try to hold on to him until at least his contract expires.

Roasted still has tons of potential

Since landing with the Knicks via a deal on January 13, 2022, it’s hard to say Reddish’s stint in New York has been a success story, as he played just 15 games and averaged sub-par 6.1 points and 1.4 rebounds.

Having said that, even with its generally lackluster production, the previous lottery pick undoubtedly showed flashes of promise in its lower performances last season.

Especially in the defensive end (averaging two steals and shy of a block per 100 possessions) and during his full final competition of the year on March 6 where he scored 17 points on 57% shots from the ground, before dropping for a year with a shoulder injury in March 7 Reddish has certainly shown signs of potentially developing into a high-quality two-way player within Tom Thibodeau’s chart.

As Buckley points out in his article, the striker’s career has been greatly affected by injuries, both with the Hawks and now with the Knicks.

However, with the season winding down after a full summer of rehab, Reddish is now entering the 2022-23 campaign hungry to earn a new contract during next summer’s free agency period, entering the final year of his rookie deal.

a Five-star recruiter and high potential client Coming out of high school, the promise he holds has caught the attention of an MSG analyst, and could lead him toward a career year as we now approach his fourth and most important season in the league.

Knicks Coach kicks off Robinson

After the New York season opener, Tom Tebodeau couldn’t help but praise big man Mitchell Robinson for his skill set and efforts during the post-match press conference, going so far as to say he’s the best offensive player in the league, According to Ian Begley of SNY.

“He’s an eccentric athlete,” Tibodo also said. “The things he can do are special.”

Last season , Robinson saw himself setting enormous averages It has a total of 16.7 rebounds and 8 offensive rebounds per 100 possessions, while boasting an offensive rebound ratio of 16.8.

To put this into perspective, League Player of the Year from last season, Rudy Goberttrailed behind the Knicks big man in both offensive rebounds per 100 possessions (5.6) and offensive rebounds per 100 possessions (12.9).


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