First time Jill Valentine cosplayer Resident Evil nails for the first time

A fan recently showed off a cool costume of Jill Valentine from vampireAnd it was their first try, too. It debuted in 1996, vampireIts early protagonists, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, have become a beloved staple of Capcom’s famous horror franchise, which of course has resulted in its fair share of cosplay. Even the current generation of Valentine Resident Evil 3 The voice actor recently showed off an impressive disguise for the character.

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While the 1996 classic, to some extent impressive Resident Evil 1 Remake, It can be a bit of a hassle to play by contemporary standards, the influence of the foundations of the original game continues to be felt throughout the series. Resident Evil 1 He founded popular series such as Umbrella Corporation, Raccoon City and many notable characters such as central antagonist Albert Wesker and of course the main protagonists Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Since many of the original game’s major plot points have been legally resolved or destroyed, it’s understandable that most of these story beats remain just whispers in later versions. vampire titles. However, although there is no direct impact on the last story vampire supplement RE7 And the villagethere is still a homage to the series’ roots, including RE7Greeting for Resident Evil 1Venice puzzle.

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Reddit user Daisy-Lao 2969 They showed their own homage to the first vampire With a fantastically accurate cosplay dedicated to the debut of Jill Valentine. Based on Resident Evil 1 RemakeFan wear colors are almost perfect, and the costume features the RPD STARS logo on the hat and shoulder. Particularly impressive detail can be seen in the shoulder pads, which have two metal studs on each boldron. The whole piece pulls together a pair of combat boots, a Jill branded thigh holster, and an Airsoft Shotgun.

Amazing Jill Valentine cosplay proves the charm of the first time

The Dizzy-Law2969 cosplay is a wonderful homage to the origins of Jill Valentine. Downstream vampire The story develops beyond its foundations, it’s a good time to remember where it all began. With Chris Redfield making recent headlines, Jill Valentine is back Resident Evil 9The series’ story would be a great way to help strengthen this faded connection to the series’ original themes. Most importantly, the appearance in vampire’The ninth installment could mean even more inspiration for Jill Valentine fans.

Although it may not hold up to the style of play, it is clear from costume players like Dizzy-Law2969 that Resident Evil 1 It still occupies a fond place in our hearts repeat fans. Whether it’s fishermen’s legitimate fears or the irreplaceable charm of dialogue like the infamous Jill Sandwich line, Resident Evil 1 He still has a lot to offer in terms of memories. While there is no guarantee that famous characters like Jill or Leon will return vampireIn the next part, fans obviously won’t mind bumping into them again vampirenear future.

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source: Dizzay-Law2969 / Reddit

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