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As one of the best scenes in Bernie Explains that Texas is not a state. It is basically a hundred different worlds folded into a group of lands referred to as a country. Of course, you wouldn’t know it from the number of movies that depict highly simplified visions of Texas. This is especially true for mainstream budgets with large budgets who need quick visual shortcuts to their areas. As a lifelong resident of Texas, I can attest that it is very true that we have plenty of deserts, cowboys, and other basic things to portray the Lone Star State in popular culture, but the state’s landscapes are much more diverse than that. In 10 minutes you can drive through empty deserts, bustling cities and then middle-class suburbs!

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This range of nuances is cleverly reflected in a muted way throughout the new indie film to lesliewhich uses a variety of Texas backgrounds as the perfect visual encapsulation of all the nuances of its characters.

Attention to detail makes Texas come alive

taking place in an unspecified part of Texas, to leslie Tells the story of former lottery winner Leslie (Andrea RiseboroughShe suffers from alcoholism. With the start of the project, Leslie, having spent all this money for a long time, was expelled from a filthy hotel. In need of a place to stay, she tracks down her son James (Owen Teague), who now lives a city life as a construction worker. As Leslie got off the train, she noticed behind her a railing covered in some sort of bright blue object. Anyone who has ever ridden a DART train system in Dallas will immediately realize that this type of design thrives on one of the many stations these trains stop at. It’s the kind of color used to brighten up a natural-looking outdoor public transit station, a stab at trying to make these sites look “as big” as any of the New York City train stations.

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This section of to leslie It doesn’t happen in Dallas, but this little detail in the background captures a good portion of this state’s public transportation. Immediately, I felt like I was witnessing something rooted in my home state rather than a tacky approximation. And the delicacy of James’ apartment seems drenched in realism. Texans in pop culture live either in poverty in the middle of the desert or on large farms. James, meanwhile, lives in something more specific, a location that, at first sight, immediately communicates that this is the living space of a 19-year-old just trying to get that month’s rent. It’s a vision of city living, but it’s kind of cash-strapped and usually reserved for cinematic stories about struggling New York artists.

This city is not the only important background to leslieLeslie eventually alienates her son and is forced to return to live with her parents (played by Allison Janney And the Stephen Root). The duo live in a cozy middle-class home covered in the kind of inspiring one-note Christian posters and memorabilia that would be familiar to any Texan resident (we’ve all been in one of these homes our whole lives) or anyone else who has dared to browse the corridors of their hobby hall. Leslie’s parents do not live on a farm and their domicile does not immediately suggest living in the country. It is a more refined environment, and a convenient location for characters who can best be described as “strong cyclists who also listen to Danny Jockey. “

Not always wide open spaces

Leslie’s trip eventually takes her to a motel owned by Sweeney (Marc Maron) planted firmly in a dusty wasteland near the exit Michael Morris Come to enjoy in classic Texas wallpaper for to leslie. However, even here one can see how to leslie He avoids conventions about how to capture Texas at the movies. Specifically, it is very similar to a file Wim Wenders nickname Paris, TexasAnd the to leslie It’s a Texan movie that often focuses on the cramped spaces rather than the wide-open vistas that classic West Texans enjoyed. Long gone are the days of endless frontiers, with Leslie’s surroundings often the stifling walls of her hotel room wrestling with the idea of ​​going sober. Even one of Sweeney’s co-workers trying to be free takes place in a restricted parking lot rather than a vast field.

Our story eventually turns into another setting that seems to fit snugly into a classic Texas movie. This background appears when Sweeney takes Leslie to the carnival to meet his daughter and granddaughter. All the games and concerts (including a “Watermelon Crawl” cover performance) take place in a super rural backdrop, with no crowded buildings or roads in sight. However, there are important details of using this type of environment, namely in its isolated nature. This carnival visit comes at a good moment in Leslie’s life, and is supposed to calm Leslie’s classic honky-tonk vibes and the viewer in a sense of safety. This is a “normal” Texas, nothing can break that convention.

Of course, that eventually turns around when Leslie’s parents and a hostile cyclist are revealed at this carnival as well. Now the classic Texas setting has a powerful additional meaning. This is a departure from traditional environments to leslie I’m flipped by the reminders of Leslie’s horrific past. After this carnival sequence, both Leslie and the movie she introduces return to the more refined and unconventional environments of Texas. This familiar habitat is an integral part of the character level, and as a bonus, it manages to create the rest to leslie Backgrounds feel extra special.

Very similar to modern features Hell or High WaterAnd the true storiesor Miss JuneteenthAnd the to leslie It eschews classic Texas cinema traditions for the better. There is no one way to be a Texan, you might wear a cowboy hat and spurs or dress like Jobu Tupaki and always be good as a Texan. Why isn’t cinema as diverse as Texas? inside to leslie, one gets a great sense of the variety of places in Texas as well as how these wallpapers can act as vivid visual extensions to the inner worlds of the captivating characters. This old man in Bernie He was right, Texas, as we’ve seen all along to leslieare the many different human enclaves that lie within a single country.

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