Lakers’ Kendrick Nunn speaks after a strong showing


Kendrick Nunn, Lakers

SAN FRANCISCO – If there’s one thing to take away from the three pre-season games the Lakers have played so far in October, it’s likely that the team missed more goalkeeper Kendrick Noone than most people could realize when he was forced out of last season’s entirety with Persistent knee injury. After the stellar play of big man Anthony Davis, Noun’s consistency and hot shooting were the story of the Lakers Show roster.

average naan 17.0 points in just 21.5 minutes Per game, he shoots 60.6% from the field and 52.9% from the 3-point streak. He is the team’s second-best scorer after Davis, and earned 21 points in the Lakers’ win here over the Warriors on Sunday.

“Just my skill set,” Nan said after the match. “You know what I’m saying, my skill set plays an important role, as everyone who’s on the ground with me and my co-players score the ball.”

Should Kendrick Nunn be a beginner?

One question about the Lakers entering the season remains which players will complete the base five around LeBron James, Davis and Russell Westbrook – most likely, there will be a center and a shooting goalkeeper on the floor as well. Nunn bet a claim to one of those locations, as the shooting ranger next to Westbrook.

Coach Darvin Hamm could have moved Davis to the center. But either way, only one of the range of guards is likely to start — Noun, Dennis Schroeder, Patrick Beverly, Austin Reeves or Lonely Walker. Hamm may eventually decide he wants to punch Noon off the bench, but no one has made a stronger argument to be a starting player.

Kendrick has worked over the summer and proven that he is committed to not only recovering, but also recovering and trying to take his game to the next level. Hamm said last week. “Just seeing him there every day, it was a while before I could even go on vacation, for the whole time I’m in the office every day, I see him downstairs. I go down and talk to him and greet him and check on him constantly and motivate him in terms of his role in all of this. He’s defend it.”

It was accurate, Noon

No wonder Noun is keen. Having established himself with the Heat in his first two NBA seasons, averaging 15.0 points in 123 games, he was hit hard last year when a knee injury at what appeared to be a routine training camp turned into an ordeal that has continued this season. Nan did not play at all.

“It’s been a minute,” Nan said on Sunday. “It’s been a long summer, I’ve been through a few times where I had setbacks in the summer, I just had to re-train a bit, but I managed to put in enough work for the summer to be ready for the season.”

The main issue for the Lakers, who finally won their first pre-season game in two years, he said, is getting the defense together.

“We’re going to score the ball, we have a lot of talent in this dressing room so I’m not really worried about the offensive side, so just get down to the defensive side and get some stops, that’s what our main priority is,” Noon said.


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