The Knicks Page is called up due to offensive shortcomings


Coach Tom Tibodeau of the New York Knicks reacted on the sidelines against the Denver Nuggets.

When it comes to the 2022-23 New York Knicks squad, there’s no denying that they boast one of the most diverse talent pools in the league.

With 6-foot-8 forwards with court vision for ground generals and 6-foot-1 guards with the finishing skills of a big man, the majority of Tom Thibodeau’s group of ballplayers have an incredibly deep bag of tricks they can seemingly take advantage of any night. certain.

Then there’s starting center Mitchell Robinson who, up to this point in his career, has yet to show he’s able to expand beyond his current role as an edge-protecting port, catching it down near the edge.

Throughout his five-year tenure with the Knicks, the 24-year-old has proven to be a killer contributor to each of these aforementioned aspects of the game, and as a result, he has established himself as a truly elite resident.

However, coming out of the restricted area, the huge man struggled tremendously, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

Robinson’s shortcomings aren’t just limited to the scoring game, as he only attempted five shots from outside the paint.

In fact, In a news release on October 10 from the Knicks Film Schoolcontributor Tom Piccolo has taken a deep dive about one major struggle for the center of New York – the screen setting.

“He slips off the screens and runs to the edge like an excited kid on Christmas morning,” Piccolo wrote. “I get him; he has a gift, and that gift knocks home. He can’t wait to get to the tin. But, getting to the right place and making real contact with the defenders will go a long way towards keeping his teammates open and thus setting himself up for success as well.”

Piccolo’s analysis certainly has a lot of statistical support behind it, ending the 2021-22 campaign Only ranked 31st overall in Screen Assist And the 30 in screen help points.

He will continue his role as Robinson by saying that despite his lackluster production in this aspect of his game, he believes it can be seen as a “realistic target for him” to make his way into the top ten on screen this year.

Robinson is looking forward to adding to his game

Although he may not have mentioned screens, Mitchell Robinson recently hinted that he is looking to expand his offensive lineup.

At a press conference after training on October 6a reporter asked the New York kick-off hub if he would post more often during the next season, and the 24-year-old explained in his response that he would.

“Yes, sure,” Robinson told the reporter. “Because it puts pressure on the defense. I’m pretty sure everyone’s reconnaissance report is just, like, Loeb, this, that, and that. I should add [a post-game]. [I’ve] I must.”

He would later go on to say that, with a consistent presence on the job, he could help the Knicks take serious advantage of the opponent’s defense scheme.

“A lot of teams are also switching to defense, so [I can] Go there right to the front of the edge, and try to figure out how to get the mismatch out of anything, and while they’re doing that, we can pass the ball around,” Mitchell said.

Robinson is one of the most ferocious and intimidating tire protectors in the league, and he easily finds himself Boasts career averages of 4.1 blocks per 100 holdings While the Athletic average per game is 8.4 points and 7.5 rebounds on an impressive shooting segment of 72.2% of the field.

Considering that it is already Record holder for highest field goal percentage in a single season (74.2% again in 2019-20), by adding a self-sufficient scoring punch to his game, the megaman could become a true elite presence on both ends of the floor.

Knicks Guard pays tribute to his teammate for his last game

On October 9, the New York Knicks held an open practice at Columbia University, and during the Q&A section of the eventthe top man in third year Obi Tobin asked his teammate Emmanuel Quikley about his “favorite garden moment”.

In response, the goalkeeper gave some serious love to one play Tobin performed the night before in the team’s second pre-season game against the Indiana Pacers.

“My favorite garden moment is when you get between your legs against [Indiana] Pacers last night.”

The play Quickley is referring to is One happened late in the third quarter when the powerful striker threw one of the best players in the game in recent memorypounces on her while she is flying through the air in a breakaway play ignited by his blocking attempt to shoot Kendall Brown.

Toppin would finish the competition with an impressive base line of 24 points, 3 rebounds and 2 blocks on 71.4% shooting from the ground and 57.1% shooting from depth.


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