Compare 4 yoga subscription apps to find the best one for your practice

If you are looking for a feature-rich yoga app, there is no shortage of quality options available. Which one should you choose? Explore this overview of popular yoga subscription apps to find the best one for your practice. Whether you use the app in place of or in addition to studio classes, there is a lot to appreciate in these handy and useful yoga apps.

1. Best for Beginners Yoga: Find out what feels good in yoga

from a star Yoga YouTube with AdrieneFind What Feels Good Yoga is a comprehensive resource for yoga beginners, with a collection of over 900 instructional videos. This includes over 300 app-exclusive videos, and many looks from Benji, Adriene’s blue heels.

From residence On the tab, you can view new releases, monthly videos of a community topic, and exclusive routines for the app. Exclusive videos include classes and vlogs from Adriene, as well as classes from additional coaches. (You can learn more about it under teachers Tab) layers Tab you can review yoga, awareness, training, and child-friendly practices.

Click on tracks Click to access different yoga series. This includes the 30-day series from the YouTube channel, such as MOVE and BREATH, as well as series based on concepts such as shanti and creativity. The calendars It includes a different focus section each month to help with accountability and intent.

In addition, you can browse videos about a specific topic or focus in a file Curated playlists tab. Access all of your morning yoga exercises in one place, or check out flows designed to support back health or core strength. Finally, create watchlists and retrieve downloaded actions within a file my library tab. Throughout the app, you can read and respond to comments left by other users, which helps build a sense of community.

Adriene’s welcoming and fun approach to yoga is throughout the app, so fans of her YouTube channel will feel right at home. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in starting a yoga practice or becoming more consistent. The app includes tons of resources to make yoga accessible, rewarding and fun.

Download: Find out what makes good yoga iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

2. Best for yogis with a fitness focus: Lotus Flow – Yoga & Workout

Hundreds of yoga classes prepared by professional instructors are available on the Lotus Flow app. Additional fitness classes focus on strength training, HIIT, and cardio. There’s even a selection of skill classes to help you work on handstands, back bends, breaths, and more.

When setting up the app, you can select specific focus areas, such as yoga or fitness. Adjust your current fitness and flexibility levels, then get a customized plan. From residence screen, check out the series and individual chapters that best fit your chosen goals. All yoga, fitness, and mindfulness lessons are included.

From plans screen, you can access a series of videos based on a specific topic. Yoga plans include lessons in the basics of Hatha, courses for beginners, and arm balances, for example. Fitness plans, meanwhile, include basic and sculpting routines, while skill plans help you work toward back bends, splits, and handstands. The app also encourages you to set weekly goals and subscribe to notifications to keep your workout routine on track.

Led in a clear and straightforward manner, the classes are easy to follow. Yoga sessions feature gentle narration and a soothing soundtrack. Suggestions help you work on your alignment, while breathing reminders help you get the most out of your practice. The fitness classes also feature a motivational narration to guide you through every step, whether you’re climbing a mountain or lifting your calves. On-screen timers let you know how long each period of time is.

Anyone interested in a comprehensive yoga and fitness app will appreciate the variety of high-quality videos from Lotus Flow.

Download: Lotus Flo – Yoga and Workout for iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

3. Best for Yen Yoga Lovers: Yoga with Cassandra

youtube star cassandra This app presents with huge collection of Yin and Vinyasa yoga classes. More than 750 videos are available to stream or download, and you can schedule courses in advance with a built-in calendar.

From residence screen, review of featured categories, recent uploads, and an overview of monthly video selections. The layers The section lets you browse by yoga style, including vinyasa, yin, hatha, and power. Meditation sessions are also available. You can also sort by video length or experience level. In addition to Kassandra, a selection of additional teachers offer yoga and fitness classes. finally , exclusives The section includes several morning and evening yoga routines, a series for beginners, and more yin content.

With so many videos available, there are so many things that you can enjoy. For starters, the choice of yin courses is great. This relaxing style of yoga asks you to hold each pose for a minute or longer, allowing you to focus on relaxation. Many of the videos are suitable for beginners, with advanced yin classes offering very long commentary periods.

However, there is also a great selection of vinyasa classes that can be as challenging as you like. For example, the advanced videos invite you to practice a handstand or try the flow of arm balance. finally , social communication The screen invites you to join a private group on Facebook. You can also comment on the videos and read the reactions of other users of the app.

With a reliable and informative approach to teaching, Kassandra can help you take on flows and poses you never imagined. It is easily one of the best yoga apps available.

Download: Yoga with Cassandra iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

4. Best for trying a little bit of everything: Anytime Yoga – Yoga Classes

Yoga Anytime features over 3,000 yoga and meditation videos, and features yoga presentations with themes and ideas from over 100 teachers. There are also courses in anatomy and sequencing to help yoga teachers and more advanced students.

From Videos screen, go to the latest, most popular or trending videos. Some of the most viewed videos include a 30-minute morning routine and an opening sequence.

On the Offers screen, scroll through the extensive list of courses offered by the Yoga Anytime app. The Get a Backbone course features a video series dedicated to promoting spinal health and finding your hub, while On The Verge is a 10-day yoga challenge featuring a 30-minute sequence that you can follow every day. Specific training sessions for athletes, women’s health or anxiety relief help personalize your practice.

For an app with such a large library, the navigation is simple and straightforward. Its strength lies in the vast amount of content available. With so many teachers out there, you are sure to find someone whose style suits you. This app is a great option for anyone who wants to access a great variety and a great amount of yoga content with their subscription.

Download: Yoga Anytime – Yoga Lessons for iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

Expand your practice with the yoga subscription app

Bring your practice home (or wherever you go) with this yoga app for exercise anywhere. Whether you’re a newcomer to the mat or someone who’s been practicing for years, the best yoga subscription app will give you access to great lessons any time of the day.

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