How to prevent console drift

Controller drift is a curse that plagues every player at one point or another, but few feelings are worse than when they happen mid-game. For starters, controller gimbal is the term for joysticks that take a life of their own, controlling the wrestling away from the user. They sound familiar?

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Ironically, and frustratingly, it is a recent problem, as it rarely occurs on older consoles. Combined with how much every aspect of gaming costs nowadays, it could easily be the last straw. Fortunately, there are some options to beat the drift. Here are some options that can mitigate the damage.

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Update October 7, 2022 by Jacqueline Zalas: Console glitches happen to all of us, so we’ve updated our guide with more information to help you get to the root of the problem. Plus, we’ve included some helpful video links if you’re looking to do a DIY repair.

Calibrate your console

Some consoles are more well built than others. Nintendo’s Joy-Cons, for example, aren’t exactly designed to handle a lot of pressure. All that protects the joystick component from external factors, such as particles of dust or dirt, is a thin, soft plastic cover. If this cover is lifted, even for a brief period while gaming, all kinds of things can get inside the console and ruin its functionality.

The Nintendo Switch has a built-in calibration feature

If drift occurs, the first correction line should be to exclude potential factors. The Nintendo Switch has a manual calibration function in its settings, which will help the console know where the stick’s neutral point really is.

The neutral point is basically the rest position of the stick Drift makes the controller think the neutral point is spinning around it.

Some games offer dead zone calibration

For controllers that do not have a calibration function, Some games offer dead zone calibration settings, although these features are rarely commercialized. It’s the kind of thing that players will eventually have to look around for settings. These options will make it so that the input generated by the drift is not logged and executed.

Keep your console clean

Drift is not only caused by the harsh gameplay or bad design, but also by the environment. While dust and dirt have been mentioned previously, environmental enclosures may look like greasy or salty snacks or a pet’s coat of fur. Was the console improperly stored during the flight, or did you use it with unwashed hands? Both may cause pollutants to enter undesirable areas. Whatever the case, external factors can easily cause even the best-designed consoles to skew.

Store your console in a safe place

The The best way to prevent stick drift is to ensure that the console is not passively exposed to objects that may float in the air. In addition, we recommend that you do not snack while playing. As tempting as this may be, you may get stuck in portions of food under your control.

using compressed air

If there are particles stuck in the controller near the joystick, you can also try to use it Air pressure to blow it away. Compressed air can be purchased at any stationery store, as well as online. If you haven’t used it before, be careful! Extensive use of a can of compressed air can cause it to become very cold. If you spray cold air on your skin, you can easily get frostbite.

Natural decay comes with play

The common reason controllers encounter drift problems is because they are Prone to damage, which will naturally occur with use. In recent years, the technology’s life cycle has been significantly shortened to encourage more purchases, thus exacerbating the problem.

Take DualSense, for example; The joystick component, which is responsible for the longevity of the controller, has an operating life of about two million input cycles. This translates to about 400 hours of gameplay in Call Of Duty.

Want to play longer? play soft

The best way to put off drifting is to treat the console like a brand new car every time it’s used. Getting rid of your console, whether out of boredom or anger, is a bad idea. A good idea, on the other hand, is Handle joysticks with extreme caution. Obedient kindness may not completely prevent the final drift, but it will prolong golden days.

Some games cause more wear than others

Yes, wear and tear is expected over time, even in the most powerful controllers, but The longevity of a joystick can greatly depend on the games being played. Most games allow normal wearing of the joysticks (specifically the right stick, or whichever the player uses to control the camera) but there are some titles that will put the controller through grueling steps.

Consider entering The Gungeon; This two-stick shooter title puts a lot of emphasis on continuous action and shooting. Gamers who find themselves downloading these types of games will often see drift issues much sooner than anyone playing an RPG.

Unfortunately, there is only one way to prevent such wear and tear and that is to avoid games with heavy input altogether, which is not an option at all, not really.

DIY replacement of handlebar

Although it may seem intimidating at first, Changing the joysticks on the console is simple enough once you absorb the information. Fortunately, there are tons of easy-to-follow and helpful step-by-step instructions on YouTube for every possible type of controller. Even better, there are inexpensive kits available that contain everything a player needs to effectively fix drift issues.

Below, you can check out some helpful videos to help you on your DIY journey.

It is very important to remember that Replacing any component yourself may void the warranty. For example, if you replace your joystick on a Nintendo Switch, the warranty will be void and you will no longer be able to have it repaired by Nintendo.

If you are still under warranty for your particular console, we suggest you contact the company. they may Repair your console for freeWhich is definitely better than watching a YouTube video to find out for yourself.

Thats all about it! Inclusive, The main takeaway is that console skew will eventually happen, especially if you’ve had a console for a while. In the end, the best solution is to buy a new console, but this is not always practical, so be sure of it Solve the problem and take care of any other consoles you have.

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