Game Pass On Quest 2 is a game changer

Game Pass is coming to Quest 2, bringing the headset closer to the all-in-one console we’ve been dreaming of.

The most exciting game announcement from Meta Connect Keynote was introduced this week as an afterthought. In fact, if you caught after the short gaming clip, you might have missed this news entirely. Towards the end of the show while revealing the arrival of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for Quest Pro, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella also revealed that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is coming to the Quest Store, TBC date. This should be a big deal for budget gamers and frequent travelers alike. Not because you no longer need the Xbox, but because you don’t need a screen.

I fall into the frequent flyer camp, so I’m excited about the possibilities that Game Pass will unlock in VR. I now have two options for Game Pass on the Go: Game Pass mobile or Game Pass for PC via laptop. Both options have worked well for me, although there are significant trade-offs. Try as I might enjoy Game Pass on my Pixel 6 (with the help of Razer Kishi 2) I can’t get into console games on such a small screen. I play a lot of mobile games like Pokemon Unite and Marvel Snap, but I don’t feel satisfied playing Deathloop or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on a six-inch screen. The laptop is larger, but Game Pass PC streaming is still in beta and a little rough around the edges. Also, after a long day working on my laptop, I’m not keen on jumping straight into a game on the same screen.

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Game Pass on the Quest 2 will solve all of these issues while providing a more immersive experience than most home theater devices. I’ve said before that Quest 2 is incredible for watching movies, and playing 2D games shouldn’t be any different. Having the ability to scale your screen to cinema size while staring at your ceiling is an odd experience, and I can’t wait to replay some of my favorite games in this new form. Portable cinema glasses seem to be the next big thing in wearable technology, but the Quest 2 has a say in the competition, being Quest 2.

I’m not as excited about the metaverse as the Meta would like me to be, but I love the idea of ​​Quest 2 becoming an all-around console. The unfortunate recent price hike puts it on par with the Xbox Series S, but you also get a portable monitor, a smart device for streaming and web browsing, and of course, a VR headset. If I had to choose between Xbox or Quest 2 with Game Pass, I would choose Quest 2 every time.

I am a huge fan of mobile devices that make gaming more fluid. My Switch and Steam Deck have a lot of use even when I’m at home just because I can play it in bed and in the bathtub, I can spend time with my partner while watching TV, and I can play while catching some sun on the patio. With the Quest 2 and the Xbox controller, you’ll soon be able to do it all while completely immersed in a 20-foot screen. That’s enough to get me to leave my Steam Deck on my next trip, provided I head somewhere with proper Wi-Fi.

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