Julius Randle’s son is spreading fast after the Knicks lost pre-season


Julius Rundle is the Knicks key.

This may be pre-season, but there are people out there who have put a lot of stock into these games, and it looks like we can count the son of New York Knicks star Julius Randle as one of those people.

The Knicks ended up dropping the Indiana Pacers’ third pre-season game, and while these games were meant for players to get into shape and maybe show off some new moves, Randall’s son took it hard.

A video of him that was recorded in the final minutes of the match went viral after the match appeared to be out of reach for New York. Written by Randall’s wife Kendra, Tik Tok Offers Their son Kayden cries and tells the team he has no chance of returning.

Altogether, the Knicks had a hit prep for the season and there was a lot of positive takeaways. The only thing fans were looking at was how Jalen Bronson fit into the team and run the show. The results are very promising, and there is a lot to be excited about there.

Even Randall seems to be doing better, and if that’s the case, Knicks has a recipe for success.

Looks like RJ Barrett has improved a lot

Although it Averaged 20 points per game In his third season, Barrett’s shooting efficiency was a huge hit as he fired around 40 percent per game. It’s just a small sample of three games, but he raised his shot to nearly 50 percent per game while keeping the score pretty much the same.

If he can keep it up, the All-Star berth might not be too far away for him. He has signed a contract extension before the season starts, so he should be free of any distractions, and playing alongside Bronson should open up the game a bit for him.

Randall’s general bounce?

As for Randall, his play will be scrutinized a lot this season because he’s an essential part of the team that was such a big part of his success two seasons ago, and a big part of his struggle last year.

He should also be someone who would benefit from having Bronson in town because the ball will be out of his hands a lot and he’ll be able to get a clearer look at the basket.

It would be a change for him as he’s been one of the main catalysts for the attack since he’s been here, but he believes what coach Tom Tebodeau preaches.

“I just bought what a coach does, how he tries to play,” He said. “I just try to be a leader, set the pace, be selfless for our team, because I feel like we’re at our best when we play like that”

Despite the efficiency drop last season he was able to put up 10/5-20 and if he goes to the third option with Brunson now those numbers may drop a bit but his efficiency should go up. It will be interesting to see how things play out next season for the Knicks.


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