Kristaps Porzingis looks broken on Knicks’ controversial exit


The former New York Knicks star speaks frankly.

It’s been years since Kristaps Porzingis last wore the New York Knicks shirt, but there are many fans wondering what could have been with him and the franchise.

The Big 27 year old man He was picked fourth overall by the Knicks back in 2015, and quickly blossomed into one of the key pieces on the team alongside Carmelo Anthony.

In the end, the feuds between him and the front office, along with injuries starting to pile up, Knicks Exchange it to the Dallas Mavericks Opposite DeAndre Jordan, Wesley Matthews and Dennis Smith Jr. Porzingis Signing an extended contract with Mavs but traded with witches nonetheless.

Looking at it, Porsingis thought about his time with the Knicks and talked about how things could have gone differently.

‘Things could have done differently’

The Wizards face the Knicks in pre-season on October 14, a game that Porzingis wouldn’t be suitable for, but the match made him take a trip down memory lane.

“Now that I’m older and smarter and understand what happened back then, it could have certainly been done differently,” Via The New York Daily News. ACL [tear], did not help – all this position. In the end, maybe sooner or later it would have happened anyway. hard to say. Sure, what I can say is that things could have been done differently.”

Porzingis’ best season as a professional was also the one in which he made his only All-Star appearance, and this was his last year as Nick. Through 48 games, he averaged 22.7 career points per game while scoring a career high of 39.5 percent from depth.

The Controversial exit It left a pungent taste in the mouths of some fans. Porzingis doesn’t hold a grudge and thinks it will go away with time.

“I think every year will calm down a little bit. Because nobody likes to be a villain,” he continued. “The first year was crazy. Last year was a little lower. Now with witches I think maybe it will be – I don’t know, I kind of like that. It is emotional. In the end, they feel kind of the way. It’s not the best but at least you make them feel some kind of way and you don’t leave them without any feelings for you.”

Back to being competitors

With him in the Western Conference, the Knicks weren’t too interested in the way he played as there was no place for them to play in the playoffs except to hold the NBA Finals.

Now that Porsenges has arrived in Washington, New York will be actively fighting him with the team for a watershed point. Wizards and Knicks both expect to be players in the play cycle, so one might have to go through the other to make the playoffs.

When healthy, Porzingis can be one of the top big players in the game, but that’s always been a concern for him. The Wizards will definitely rely on his production if they want to make the playoffs.


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