Lakers Rumors: Draymond Green Uses LA Leverage To Make More Money From Warriors


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The four-time All-Star is said to be using the Los Angeles Lakers for leverage to get more money from his current team.

according to Michael Scotto from HoopsHype.comThere is a belief around the NBA that Draymond Green is using the Lakers for leverage to try to get more money out of the Golden State Warriors next summer. Four times champion You’ll make $25.8 million this season He has a $27.6 million player option for 2023-24.

“There have been rumors circulating about Draymond Green and the Los Angeles Lakers. He obviously has an affair with LeBron James. Some in the Warriors organization I’ve spoken to aren’t concerned about it. There is a belief some have around the league that he could be That being a negotiating tactic to get more money in extension talks with the Warriors, LeBron may try to dampen the competition in the West.” “The Lakers have long been associated with star players like Draymond and Kyrie Irving, and we look forward to the upcoming summer season.”

Green has been closely associated with the Lakers since he has a close relationship with LeBron James. Both All Stars are owned by the same dealer, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports. Paul also represents Anthony Davis and Greene’s future with the Warriors up in the air after he punched his teammate Jordan Paul in the face.

Stephen A. Smith: Green wants to play for the Lakers

Stephen A. said: ESPN’s Smith said on the October 10 episode of “First Take” that Greene wants to play for the Lakers. Green could sign with Los Angeles as an unrestricted free agent next summer if he declines the 2023-24 player option with the Warriors.

“I can tell you now that Draymond Green expects this to be his last year in the Golden State,” Smith He said. “Now he wants to be a Laker. He wouldn’t tell anyone that, but I don’t think I don’t know. He’d rather be a Laker if he had to leave Golden State.”

The Lakers own only James ($46.9 million), Davis ($40.6 million) and Max Christie ($1.7 million) on contract for the 2023-24 season. with salary cap Expected to be 134 million dollarsLos Angeles could bring in upwards of $30 million to $35 million in roof space.

Anthony Slater, who covers the Warriors for the Athletic, believes the Lakers pose a threat to rob Greene away from the Golden State.

“You mentioned one in the Lakers. He now has a deep history with Klutch (sport). Rich Paul is his agent. The Lakers, with Russell Westbrook out of the books, should be able to create enough cover space to give him the reasonable deal he wants,” Slater said in Scotto’s podcast: “They should be considered a threat in this situation.” “Of a basketball frenzy, and Draymond is a basketball junkie, Anthony Davis, LeBron and Draymond are going to have spacing issues. For me, sort of like Kyrie Irving, the scoring guard who can shoot and fill in, makes basketball feel more. If Draymond is looking for a way to his next big contract and doesn’t feel like he’s coming from the Warriors — I’m not saying that’s the case at this point — but I think both sides are looking at right now because of everything that’s going on. If the Lakers were the only option, it might be explored. I think we’re far from that.”

The Lakers may not even chase the green

Green may not be able to use the Lakers as leverage because the franchise may not pursue him next summer if he becomes an unrestricted free agent. In an Oct. 11 article titled “NBA Execs Put a Harsh Reality on a Potential Draymond Green Movement for Warriors,” Heavy’s Sean Deveney quoted quotes he received from a Western Conference executive about Green. CEO Daveney told Green could be a “short-term” signing for the Lakers. However, the anonymous front office member believes Los Angeles wants to sign with someone younger than Green.

“When they traded for Davis, they wanted him to be their man of the future,” said the Western CEO. “He’s got injuries, though. They’re going to get one real shot at that cover space and they’re going to want someone who lines up with Alzheimer’s in terms of age. If they can’t get the proper fit, then maybe you’re looking at a short-term deal with Draymond. But that won’t be Of their preference. They will look to bring in someone younger if possible.”

green has The march averages 8.7 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 5.4 assists with Warriors. He turns 33 in March.


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