Top 7 Simple Android Launchers for Seniors

This simple Android launcher for seniors is exactly what your parents and grandparents need. The latest Android devices have advanced features that can be complicated for seniors who just want to do the basics, like making calls and sending messages.

Fortunately, some launchers are designed with older users in mind, to provide them with a more direct and smooth user experience. They have no extra features and make it easy to find the most important phone functions.

Here are seven of the best Android launchers for seniors to use without much difficulty.

1. SimpleLauncher

Simple Launcher is a free senior Android launcher with no ads and easy to use interface. Some of the features of this app include large fonts and icons for easy viewing and operation. It has a Control Center that makes it easy to find general settings, as well as settings for weather, security lock, and easy access to uninstall apps.

Simple Launcher is convenient for making phone calls by adding contacts to your home screen. It also features a large red SOS button for emergency calls. It keeps the home screen completely basic, but you can swipe up to reveal all the apps. This launcher works well when you want to customize your Android home screen by keeping it simple.

You don’t have to worry about your grandparents moving or deleting apps using the release and lock key. It also means you don’t have to worry about messing with the layout or making pocket calls.

Download: simple launcher (free)


BIG Launcher is suitable for the elderly, children and users with eyesight problems. It also simplifies your Android phone by using a plain wallpaper as the background, with a grid-style arrangement.

When setting up the app, you can choose to have larger fonts for better visibility. There is a dark mode, a blue mode, and a light mode available for you to use. However, you can download more themes under the launcher preferences section for free.

The interface of the app is simple, with just six templates – Phone, SMS, Camera, Gallery, SOS and all apps – and you can edit this section to add more apps as you wish. You get battery level information at the top, along with the current time and date.

The apps on your smartphone are listed alphabetically with a search bar at the top to make finding the app you’re looking for simple. With BIG Launcher, you will be using a dedicated app for phone calls and SMS. Paying for the premium version gives you access to additional screens, the ability to password-protect preferences, and you can customize all columns on the home screen, not just the right one.

Download: big launcher (Free in-app purchases available)

3. Simple Mode

Simple Mode is another app that tries to reduce the complexities of Android smartphones. Like the other launchers on this list, you can see information and applications in large, semi-transparent blocks. This theme easily matches any background you choose and makes viewing and reading text simple.

At the top, you have the time and date in large font, with easy-to-read text on the rest of the home screen. Other applications on your smartphone in the form of a list with the uninstall feature on the right.

You can add your favorite contacts and other apps you use frequently on other screens. The simple mode launcher is only 2MB in size, which is excellent for your grandfather who uses a basic phone.

Download: simple mode (free)

4. Senior safety phone

Senior Safety Phone is one of the popular Android apps for seniors because of its classic design. It’s easy to navigate with the most common shortcuts like Phone, SMS and all apps at the bottom of the screen.

There are also icons on the rest of the screen for things like alarms and emergency calls. The Settings feature is easily accessible, and you can lock settings and volume levels to prevent any accidental changes.

Additional features such as emergency calling and an easy-to-use alarm also make the Senior Safety phone operator one of the best for seniors. However, your grandparents will have to deal with ads almost everywhere on the free version.

Download: Senior safety phone (Free in-app purchases available)

5. Operator assistance

Help Launcher is another simple launcher for Android. The default home screen lets you quickly access calls, messages, photos, and the camera, while the Settings icon takes you to your alarm, Wi-Fi calling, contacts, and other general controls.

The icons are brightly colored to make it easy to distinguish between them. The app menu also contains large icons with large font sizes for seniors with eye problems. The SOS feature allows you to make emergency calls by adding contacts to the SOS list.

Download: operator help (Free in-app purchases)

6. Home box

Square Home was not intentionally designed for elderly phone users. However, its Windows-style home screen is a good choice for those who want a simple launcher.

Colorful square tiles provide a hassle-free way for grandparents and parents to differentiate and run apps. You can place as many squares as you like and allocate them based on their priority.

On top of that, Square Home supports widgets and even bundles a few of them. This enables you to add everything from music controls to WhatsApp chat shortcuts to the home screen. To ensure that the user does not adjust the setting by mistake, you can lock the order.

Square Home has many customization options. You can modify the theme to match your preferences, and the app can sort tiles and apps based on how often you interact with them. Finally, the boxes can display the number of pending notifications from their respective apps.

Square Home is mostly free, but you can unlock some additional features with the paid version.

Download: Square Home (Free) | Home box key ($7.49)

7. BaldPhone

BaldPhone is a great Android launcher for seniors. Once you open the app, you can choose the level of accessibility you need when using your phone. The icons are large, and you need to press longer to access each feature. You don’t need to scroll with the arrow keys on the right side.

You can also easily adjust the volume of your phone through the volume icon at the top of the screen and set it to either vibrate or mute. There is also a blank screen for taking notes for later use. The cool thing about BaldPhone is the video tutorial feature that helps you get up and running quickly.

There is also a medical reminder function to make sure you take your pill if you usually forget. It is highly customizable to suit your personal needs and specifications. BaldPhone Launcher has no ads and is free – perfect for seniors.

Download: BaldPhone (free)

Best Android Launchers for Seniors

By using third-party Android players, older users can better navigate through their smartphone without any issues. It features large icons and text for easy viewing and access.

These Android launchers are ideal for older users who need to access basic phone functions such as SMS, phone calls and camera. It also works well for users with eye and other vision problems.

Never have to worry about pocket calls or opening the wrong app when you want to do something simple on your phone again. Try these launchers with your parents or grandparents and see how easy it is for them.

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