Veteran Sixers reveals the ‘biggest thing’ needed to win the championship


George Niang and De Anthony Melton fight for a losing ball in a pre-season game against Cleveland.

Philadelphia 76ers is a very ongoing business. Head coach Doc Rivers will be the first person to say so, whether on record or unofficially. He still feels out of men’s while messing around with different sets of line-ups.

It’s mostly a flexible position, but one thing seems for sure: Sixers won’t have a traditional position. The second unit on the bench. They will mix and match to everyone’s best abilities. Rivers’ first subs in the pre-season finale included George Niang, Montrezel Harrell and D. Anthony Melton. They teamed up with starters Tobias Harris and James Harden at the end of the first quarter, then Rivers replaced Maxi Harden and Danielle House Jr. for Harris.

After Wednesday’s game, Rivers did not tilt his hand. But the head coach (Happy birthday doctor!) that he wants to have at least two of his Apprentices (between Harris, Harden, Maxey, and Embiid) on the floor together in Unit Two.

“You should try to put two on the floor. By doing that you will shorten your turn,” Rivers said. “I also like when you have a rotation of 10 men, as when you have two different players. [5-man] units. I don’t know if this will be that team.”

Yes, it’s nice to have that kind of depth and talent.

“I think the most important thing with this team is depth, and most of the teams that compete for championships have depth,” Niang told reporters. “And you just have to show up every day and realize that somebody might be down or somebody might not be playing well and when your number is called you have to be ready to answer that bell. And I think everyone on our team knows that very well and will be ready when the call is made. by his number.”

Niang, who rehabilitated From a knee injury This summer, he scored 6 points in 15 minutes while walking 2 of 3 from deep. He had a quick trigger. He had an active hand in defense. He had a leap in his stride. And the, after the game, He had jokes.

“We’re undefeated, pal,” Niang said when a reporter asked what the team looked like. “There are a few things we need to work on. Honestly just get rid of the rust. It was good to have Joel [Embiid] There for a long period of time and no complicated errors.”

Backup Center: Montrezel Harrell vs. Paul Reed

The Support Center turned out to be the training camp’s most overrated battle. montrezel harrel Paul Reed will both see the floor, sometimes side by side on the 4th and 5th, as the Sixers look to keep Embiid rested.

guess what? Nobody has a problem with that. These guys checked their ego at the door. They do not have any designs to replace or clone Embiid.

“We just go out and do what we’re supposed to do, man,” Harrell said. “We’re just trying to keep the energy at a high level when a big dog comes off the ground. We’re not trying to fill the big dogs’ shoes.”

Reed added: “I just need to make sure I’m doing what I need to do and take advantage of it. Be aggressive and help the team win. That’s how I look at it.”

The Six formally abdicate Isaiah Joe, Charles Passy

The Sixers ceded guard Isaiah Joe and quarterback Charles Bassey on Thursday. The writing looked like it was on the wall after the two men sat down for their pre-season finale on Wednesday night. Philadelphia officially has 14 players — excluding the two-way players (Michael Foster, Julian Champagne, Charlie Brown) — so they have an extra place on the list to burn with.

Is Daryl Morey planning another move? Speculation has run rampant since the Sixers saved nearly $3.3 million in salary by cutting Joe and Bassey. Most importantly, they “Much less than the hard cover.”


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