Passionate big man from Sixers prepares to ‘shock a lot of people’


The ultimate goal is to win a championship in Philadelphia, says Montrezel Harrell, the big man for the Sixers.

The Philadelphia 76ers are intent on winning their first franchise championship since 1983. That “us season, not me season” is the mantra that is etched into the team from head coach Doc Rivers. Everyone, from the start of the All-Star to the last man on the bench, is on board.

newcomer montrezel harrel He is still searching for his first ring as he enters his eighth season in the NBA. He will be counted on to provide big minutes behind Joel Embiid as a reserve position alongside Paul Reed.

Harrell, who was named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 2020, believes the Sixers are good enough to be the last team standing. After achieving a perfect 4-0 in pre-season, it was time to get down to business and get started on this race.

“We have a really good team, man. As if we had a really good team,” Harrell Lauren Rosen said:. “There are a lot of solid areas, you know we’re going to shock a lot of people in. And I don’t think they’re going to be ready for many different things that we’re going to be able to do, both offensively and defensively.

“And like I said, I’m just ready to get out there and see, you know, the different roles we all have as team members. But we know it’s all in the end with one goal and that is to try to win the championship and bring a championship to Philly and this organization.”

Harrell likes his new co-worker Joel Embiid

Harrell has had some epic fights with Joel Embiid over the years, including some heated exchanges. These things are bound to happen when the competitive juices start flowing. Both men hate losing. And both players are happy that they are now teammates. Harrell discussed how much he likes Embiid and his desire to be the best center in basketball.

“His desire to keep wanting to get better, really his talent to be a better big man [in the game]Harel said of Embiid. “He hears it from both sides, criticism, and people tell him the things he does well, he takes everything with a grain of salt, and he keeps working and getting better. You can’t help but admire someone like that.”

It’s the same way Harel plays the game. The 6-foot-7 big man played with sore ribs at the end of pre-season, finishing the season with 14 points and 6 rebounds in 16 minutes. He smashes glass, hits the deck for loose balls, and reviews cameras after working his way up for second chance baskets. His style of play definitely suits his new city.

“I’m just a guy who plays really hard and with passion on the ground,” Harrell said. “I am not one of those people who really need the ball or anything, it just finds me. I just try to play the right way because 9 times out of 10 you play the right way to reap the benefits.”

George Niang and Tobias Harris attend the Phillies playoff

The Philadelphia Phillies feel the excitement of Red October. They beat the Atlanta Braves 9-1 on Friday to advance 2-1 in the NLDS Series Best of Five. Sixers strikers George Niang and Tobias Harris Attend the match They were outfitted with the custom jerseys with number 20 and number 12 on them. They were chanting loud and proud for the local baseball team.


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