The Knicks Center puts a reporter on blast during press conference


Mitchell Robinson of the New York Knicks celebrates his first-half dunk against the Brooklyn Nets.

The New York Knicks head into the 2022-23 campaign with a lot of hope after an unexpected period filled with loads of roster changes.

From salary clearing deals executed to set of free signings made, Leon Rose and his company have greatly boosted Tom Thibodeau’s talent pool over the past summer, and the addition of Jalen Brunson has the potential to easily be the biggest move of them all.

Reaching agreement on a four-year, $104 million deal with the Knicks on the first official day of the free agency, New York net He is arguably the most sought-after player in his position To serve as the long-awaited answer to their fundamental problems.

For the better part of the last two decades, the Knicks have been found putting up formations with somewhat underwhelming talents at the most important position in the game. Only last season, in fact, ball club fans often watched Thibodeau shove Alec Burks, a natural winger, into point guard, largely out of necessity and out of a lack of other options.

Now with Bronson, the hope is that the team can finally find stability in the team. However, if you ask some of the cast members, the New York experience isn’t as flawed as how it was viewed by fans and media critics.

Robinson kicks off the reporter

While pressing the Knicks after the match on October 14A reporter asked Mitchell Robinson how he felt having a “real goalkeeper” in the squad, specifically noting that this meant there was no longer any need to see Alec Burks take over the role as he did last season.

In response, the big man called out to the reporter by comically implying that the question he asked was immoral.

“That’s rude,” Robinson told the reporter. “I think it was [a point guard]. I mean, you didn’t see him with us? He got everyone involved and I feel like he was a real keeper if you ask me.”

After the press conference, Robinson doubled down on his stance that the question has a rude tone attached to it, where He took a tweet from the original SNY clip about his push-up device and continued to show more love to his ex-teammate.

Despite Robinson’s comments and the feeling that Birx has been a solid choice at the base during his time with the Knicks, through his four pre-season competitions, it seems fairly clear that with Bronson now managing the show at the center, this team is producing more effectively. . .

During this stretch, New York averaged 25.3 passes per competitionand rank among the top 12 in this particular category, Considering that they finished the last death in this region last seasonis definitely a sign that this attack with a natural one guard like Bronson is more effective and smooth.

Despite last season’s lackluster end, as the New York Knicks ended their 17th losing season since the turn of the century, it seems big man Julius Randle still has great faith in this team, and specifically their coach.

During the post-match media session on October 13, the former All-Star discussed his feelings about Tom Thibodeau and his system, Noting that he still has complete confidence in his head coach.

“I just bought what a coach does, how he’s trying to play,” Randel said during post-game stress in New York. Via New York Post.

“I’m just trying to be a leader and establish the pace of play, not being selfish for our team, because I feel like we’re at our best when we’re playing that way. … It kind of happens naturally. If the shot is there, take it.” [If not]Push the ball, try to get to the edge. If it isn’t there, we have shooters everywhere.”

In this prep time, the Knicks lost only once in four total games, while Randle was effectively playing in Thibodeau’s system, boasting solid averages per game of 13.3 points, 6.8 rebounds, 4.3 assists and shy of stealing.


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