Goran Dragic sends a strong message about playing with Jimmy Butler


Jimmy Butler #22 and Goran Dragic #7 of the Miami Heat talk during the first half of Game 3 of the NBA First Round Series games against the Indiana Pacers

Goran Dragic was a major Miami Heat player from 2005 until 2021 when he was traded to the Toronto Raptors in the Kyle Lowry trade. In fact, if Dragic had been healthy in a playoff round, the Heat might have won their fourth NBA title against the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the base was traded and eventually handled to the San Antonio Spurs, where it was purchased. Some expected the Heat to have a chance to sign Dragic into the takeover market, but he ultimately chose to join the Brooklyn Nets.

Despite not having a reunion with the Heat, Dragic still talks incredibly well about the Heat organization, and in a recent interview, he had great praise for Heat leader Jimmy Butler.

Goran Dragic on Jimmy Butler

I’m sure if you polled his former teammates Jimmy Butler about how they liked playing with him, and how they felt about the results of his leadership style you’d be pretty positive, but you’d surely have some who were against it because it’s intense, but it fits the Heat perfectly. . Goran Dragic recently talked about playing with Butler KC Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago.

“loved it,” Dragic told NBC Sports Chicago. “Jimmy is one of those guys who if you play hard, he’ll respect you and be behind you.”

“We’re still good friends. I respect Jimmy. I had a lot of fun playing with him. We just called on the floor. I knew right away what he was going to do when he put the screen on. We created that chemistry right away. And off the ground, he’s a funny guy, man.” It is different.”

Dragic has signed with the Chicago Bulls this off-season and is set to step away from the new NBA season in his former home when he faces the Bulls Heat on October 18 to start the NBA season. Dragic spoke brilliantly about Miami in his conversation with Johnson.

“Only good memories. They gave me the keys to that ship at that time. I spent a whopping six years there, working hard. “The most important thing is to be really professional,” said Dragic. “They really pushed you in there. It’s not for everyone. But I loved being pushed. Every year, (Heat chief) Pat (Riley) and [coach Erik Spoelstra] They give you different things to work on when you get back. They challenge you.”

The Dragic family still lives in Miami, and he talked about what it will be like after he returns this week.

“It’s going to be special,” said Dragic. “But I know it’s a business trip. I feel it’s important to open the season well. Miami has been together for a long time. But I feel like we have a good team too.”

Udonis Haslam on playing with Jimmy Butler

Goran Dragic isn’t the only player to have recently talked about playing with Jimmy Butler. Heat veteran Udonis Haslem recently spoke about what it’s like to play with him and more about their relationship.

“I see a lot of myself in Jimmy. We play the game with controlled anger, and every now and then, that controlled anger gets out of hand. But we made coffee together. You know, we really bonded. I have a barista pass, so you know I’m a good coffee guy.” …but you know, we’re very similar. We play one-on-one every day before every game. That’s what people don’t know. Like, what people don’t know that night, that’s only every Tuesday in Miami. Like, we hit heads every day. It’s Competing at the highest level and the highest level. That’s another way I know I can survive. If I can go out there and compete with Jimmy Butler, which is what people see what he can do in the Finals, I know I can still go on and play this game,” Haslem told Malika Andrews On the October 14, episode of NBA Today on ESPN.


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