Knicks major deadline passes ahead


Cam Reddish has not signed an extension.

With the season approaching, teams had until October 17 to decide whether or not to offer extensions to players on the junior contracts who were eligible for them.

At the New York Knicks, that player was Cam Reddish and in the days leading up to the deadline, it was much clearer and he made it clear that it wasn’t going to happen. Certainly, the date came and went and the two sides did not reach a new agreement.

This was largely expected given that Reddish hadn’t shown much since joining the Knicks, but signing a smaller extension was in the cards. From his preliminary class, Ja Morant and Zion Williamson signed maximum extensions while Tyler Herro and teammate RJ Barrett signed deals North 100 million dollars.

For Reddish, he’ll have to get access to free agency restricted next season and see what pops up there. The Knicks will have the ability to match whatever deal they get, but if he doesn’t find himself in the rotation much this year, it wouldn’t make sense for them to keep him.

Big year in front of Muhammar

Pre-season is a good time for players to get back in shape and prove they deserve minutes, but Reddish’s performance It was a mixed bag.

He showed some good plays, but overall he was someone who looked like he shouldn’t be playing heavy minutes. He was able to land an increased role due to Quentin Grimes’ injury, but he didn’t make much use of it.

If Grimes’ foot injury persists, Reddish will likely continue to play in the regular season, but once the rookie goalkeeper returns, there’s no point for Reddish after that.

There are several players on the roster battling for minutes, including both Obi Toppin and Grimes, so the attack position is too stacked for Reddish to get playtime in.

Does it have commercial value?

The Knicks gave up their first-round pick to take over Reddish last season, and it’s safe to say things didn’t quite pan out for them. In the commercial market, there is unlikely to be much interest in Reddish given that it will likely be cheap next season.

Eastern Conference general manager Sean DeVine told that the Knicks wouldn’t consider trading Reddish unless he got a first-round pick in the deal, just as they gave up on him.

“They gave up on the first-round pick to get him to New York, so there’s no way to send him for anything less than the first-round pick in return,” the GM said.

Things can certainly change as the season goes on, but GM doesn’t think there will be much of a chance that someone will step up and offer that asking price.

“I wouldn’t give up on the first director for a situation like this,” GM continued. “He played, 15 minutes into the Knicks game? And he wants a trade? Forget it.”


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