Knicks Star RJ Barrett Takes Off Ja Morant


Ja Morante was cast ahead of RJ Barrett.

In the 2019 NBA Draft, Zion Williamson and Ja Morant climbed to number one and two, respectively, before the New York Knicks drafted RJ Barrett with the third overall pick.

Williamson and Morant signed maximum extensions with their teams while Barrett settled on only a smaller deal Over $100 million over four years. Ultimately, both of these players will lead their franchises for the upcoming seasons, but Barrett’s schedule is a bit behind the two.

Morant and Williamson are already set to all-star teams in their careers, but Barrett is close after that An average of 20 points per game Last season.

Before the season, Barrett was asked if he felt an extra drive against Morant. The question comes as the Knicks prepare to face the Grizzlies in their season opener.

Barrett’s voices are off

Barrett is the one who seems to have a chip on his shoulder, as evidenced by his comments about his draft row, but he downplayed going against Morant directly.

“Obviously he’s a really good player” He said about Morante. “There are a lot of good players in the league.”

Then he talked about the way he’s always trying to make a name for himself. Although he was drafted third overall, he didn’t catch the league’s attention in a way that Williamson, Morrant, or even Hiro do.

“I’m always trying to prove myself, so the drive is – everyone is trying to be the best.”

To his credit, Barrett plays the role that Nicks put him in, so it wasn’t like he was disappointing or anything like that. Barrett is getting better every year in his career, so an all-star appearance isn’t too far off for him if it continues this year. This will become abundantly clear if he continues to shoot him at nearly 50 per cent from the start of the season.

Knicks getting ready

There were plenty of encouraging signs for the Knicks ahead of the season, but it’s also important to know that none of these games count for the long haul.

It was nice to see Barrett’s firing though, Julius Randle seems to be a much-improved player, and Galen Bronson is the one who seems to be a perfect fit to run the show.

His gameplay was shown in pre-season, and he also showed some scoring prowess that the Knicks signed. There is no doubt that this team has improved a lot from last year, but even that may not be enough to get the team into the playoffs.

The Eastern Conference is as deep as ever, but all the Knicks have to do is be better than just five of the teams, and that seems totally possible for the team.

On paper, the Knicks have one of the deepest rosters in the league, but they lack the star power that teams competing for the championship have. They could have come close to that by acquiring Donovan Mitchell, but he was eventually traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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