Sigourney Weaver Is Excited To Reboot Selena Gomez’s Working Girl

Sigourney Weaver is excited about Selena Gomez’s upcoming reboot of Working Girl, decades after the success of the original comedy.

Sigourney Weaver has given her seal of approval for the upcoming reboot of working girl Produced by Selena Gomez. Weaver starred in the hit 1988 comedy alongside Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford as Catherine, the complicit boss of Griffith’s Tess McGill, who attempts to present her employee’s business idea as her own, leading to a chaotic, comic chain of events. In Tess’ unconventional search for justice. The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $100 million at the box office and garnering six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Weaver for Best Supporting Actress.

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Last August brought in word that Selena Gomez will be partnering with 20th Century Studios and Hulu for a reboot working girlExpansion of multi-hyphens production projects. There’s no word yet on whether Gomez, who can currently be seen on Hulu Only the murders in the buildingHe will also be a star in the project. While details of the reboot have been kept confidential, Elana Peña, the writer and exhibitor behind the Disney+ series Diary of a future presidentEditing the script has been confirmed, and one of the original stars is eager to see what’s to come from the project.

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for every The Hollywood ReporterSigourney Weaver has now expressed her excitement over the upcoming Selena Gomez debut working girl Reboot. The original star is nothing but a supporter of the project, expressing an interest in how the premise of the film appears in the context of the modern, evolving corporate world. Check out what Curtis said about the reboot below:

Go for it. I think it is instinctive to do it again. It’s kind of an eternal story, you know. But given the new light, it’s especially interesting to think of Catherine crossing her assistant twice in today’s world. It would be worse, wouldn’t it? It will really suck. So I don’t know, I’m really excited to see it.

Why working girl Reboot is still in time

Although the original movie was released decades ago, the message behind it is working girl It is still closely related culturally. The film’s feminist current distinguishes it from other romantic comedies of the time, with an emphasis on female ambition and leadership above all else. Weaver’s action looks as good as the social comment made by the original script working girl They are still very much present not only in movies and television today, but also in the real world.

The rise in projects that have tackled a similar topic in recent years bodes well for a restart. With shows and movies like bomb And the morning show Exploring the subjugation of women in the world of work, a reboot of a film that confronts corporate corruption and the lengths two women in the same company have to go to to succeed, is as timely as ever. Although it is an unfortunate testament to the lack of progress that has been made for women in the American workforce, the film is still in time, and hopefully a reboot. woorking girl It will help provide more insight and awareness of the issues you depict.

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