What happens to Aegon after he becomes king and when does he die?

Warning: spoilers in front of the house of the dragon, fire and blood!in Dragon House Season 1, Episode 9, Aegon II is crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms, but, as with many of George R. R. Martin’s characters, Aegon II’s future is bleak. While Rhaenyra, the eldest son of the previous king, Viserys I Targaryen, was in the line to inherit the throne, a misunderstanding on the king’s deathbed led to the coronation of Aegon II. Rhinera is the daughter of Viserys and Aemma, his late wife, who had no children. The new king, Aegon, is the son of Viserys and Aliscent Hightor, his second wife. The Rhaenyra race has led to widespread disputes over its claim to the throne, and many in the Seven Kingdoms believe that Aegon, because the firstborn male has more claim than her. It is likely that a battle for the throne between Aegon, Rinera and their allies awaits Dragon House viewers.

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Aegon’s new ownership will further develop his character, until his coronation in Dragon House Episode 9 The audience was only given a small glimpse into his full personality. What has been shown about Aegon II thus far portrays him as lustful, immoral, naive and undesirable qualities in the ruler. Hopefully, as Aegon turns into the king role, more will be revealed about his character and what awaits him in the future. Fortunately, George R.R. Martin’s novels and ultimatums have been put in place Dragon HouseExplain what happened to Aegon II after he became king.

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What happens to Aegon after he becomes king

After becoming king, Aegon II Targaryen was promptly pushed into the war that became known as the Dance of the Dragons. Early in the conflict, Egon becomes frustrated at the hand of King Otto Heitor, only to find him too cautious and inactive. He chose to relieve Otto Hightower of his duties and replace him with Ser Criston Cole. Cole takes a more aggressive approach to war. Soon, Aegon and his brother Aemond Rhaenys Targaryen and her dragon were killed in battle, but the king was seriously injured, with broken bones and burns covering half of his body. While he recovers, his brother Eymond rules over him.

When Rhaenyra’s forces approach, an older and scarred Aegon flees from King’s Landing disguised as a commoner. In a subsequent battle at Dragonstone, Aegon was wounded again, breaking both of his legs. This leaves him in great pain for the rest of his life. Later, after his eldest son was killed in battle, Aegon’s wife and sister Helena committed suicide, and at the end of the war, Aegon was captured and Rhinera killed.

When will Egon die in the House of the Dragon?

King Aegon, severely scarred and disfigured from his many injuries, died after being poisoned in the royal September. It is still unknown who killed the king, but it is believed that he was one of his men. Not long after he killed Rhaenyra with his dragon, Aegon died himself. In the days before his death, he was Dragon HouseBlack armies are approaching King’s Landing. However, Egon does not care about this, but rather spends his time worrying about his upcoming marriage to Cassandra Baratheon and erects statues of his late brothers. This is the most likely reason for killing him as many believe that his killer poisoned him to prevent the continuation of the war under the rule of an idle king.

Will Egon be remembered as a good king?

Egon II is not generally mentioned as a good king. He spent his entire reign in a fierce civil war for succession with his sister. The Seven Kingdoms were divided throughout his reign as to who had more claim to the Iron Throne. His controversial coronation led to Rhaenyra being known as Aegon the Usurper. In addition, Aegon did not even want to rule, and his lack of commitment to the throne paints him as noncommittal and away from the throne. In the writings of George R. R. Martin, only Egon chose to remain on the throne over Rhinera, because he feared her wrath on him and his family should she seize power. The Westerosi people largely remember him as just a pawn from his manipulative mother, Aliscent.

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When he became king at a young age, Aegon is also mentioned as lacking in maturity, differing from his wise and generous predecessors. He is known to be cruel, vicious, short-tempered and rash. He often has disagreements with his small board, preferring quick actions over calculated and strategic moves. Furthermore, Aegon’s constant debauchery (provoked in the window scene in Dragon House) I left him with a reputation for promiscuity. In general, Egon is not mentioned as a good or effective king, as much of his reign was marred by war and his naivety.

Who will replace Aegon as king?

In George R. R. Martin’s novel, Rhinera briefly usurped the throne from Aegon II. Egon spent most of his reign fighting in The Dance of Dragons, the battle with his half-sister, Rhaenyra, for who should rule the Seven Kingdoms. Dragon House She diverged sharply from the book’s plot, but the show appears to be preparing for Rinera to regain her father’s seat in King’s Landing. Dragon House Season 1, Episode 10 is titled “The Black Queen”, apparently referring to Rhinera. However, Rhinera, who is called Half-Queen of the Year, sits on the throne for only six months, before she is convicted of treason and forced to flee King’s Landing and be killed. Aegon II subsequently regained his throne and died soon after.

Aegon II succeeded Aegon III, the eldest son of Rinera, as he had no living sons. Jaehaerys, his eldest son was killed early in the war by men sent by Daemon Targaryen, in retaliation for the murder of Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys. Aegon’s second son, Maylor, was killed by a mob. His last child, Jaehaera, ended up marrying her father’s successor, Aegon III, to bridge the gap between the two aspects of the family. Aegon III, also known as Aegon the Dragonbane, appeared as a baby Dragon House Episode 8, Remember as a miserable, unsmiling king who helped reunite kingdoms in the aftermath of the war.

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