13 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Gaara

Gaara is the Kazekage of the Village Hidden in the Sand and the former host of Shukaku’s one-tailed monster. If most Naruto fans agree on one thing, they can all say that Gaara is an amazing character and deserves all the love. It’s a great combination of an insanely powerful ninja along with a fairly young teen still recovering from a traumatic past and learning to connect with others. It’s infinitely gorgeous and gorgeously gorgeous.

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But how much do you already know about our favorite sand ninja? He’s not exactly the most extroverted person, and his entire culture isn’t all that confident. But over the years, we’ve learned some interesting things about Gaara. So here are some cool facts about Gaara that you might not have known.

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13/13 Quite a double meaning

Gaara has a slightly unusual name; Do you know what that actually means? The name Gaara can have two meanings: it can mean “self-loving demon” or “self-loving silk”. This is actually really interesting, given Gaara’s origins and nature.

Gaara sealed the one-tailed beast inside his body, so It could technically be considered a type of demon. And at first, Gaara has such hatred for people and he only cares about himself, not caring about what happens to others. It makes the name somewhat interesting.

However, the story behind the name is more mundane. Kishimoto’s editor suggested him the name he got from a ski resort.

12/13 Young and full of drive

Each village has a chief who is also known as a Kage. For example, Konoha has the Hokage, and Sunakagure has the Kazekage. The ages of different Kage often vary, but the average lifespan for them tends to be slightly older. It seems reasonable; As you get older, you become more mature and wiser (in theory), so having a small village where the Kage is a bit scarce.

Then Gaara came. He became the Kazekage of Sunakagure (Village Hidden in the Sand) at the age of fifteen. This is actually Makes him the youngest Kage ever recorded. While some people were initially concerned about Gaara turning into a Kage, he proved to be the popular leader. He eventually earned the respect of the Kage and the other villages and was instrumental in winning the Fourth Great Ninja War.

11/13 The meaning of this symbol

One of the distinguishing elements of Gaara’s portrait was the figure etched into his forehead. Seemingly This symbol is engraved in his skin Using sand, after finding out that his uncle tried to kill him. So what does character mean? we will, Actually it means “love”.

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Before he explodes, Gaara tries to win the love of the village, but they drive him away in fear of him. In the end, I realize that Since no one will love him, he must love himself, So he would only take care of himself and hate everyone else. As a result, he becomes a sociopath, does not care about others and kills people mercilessly. After his fight with Naruto, he grows up to realize that he must try to love others again. It’s a beautiful irony that the word love is etched into the skin of a teenager who was once the embodiment of hate.

10/13 His father is kind of terrible

Gaara certainly did not have a very happy childhood, And part of that is actually due to his father, Rasa. Seriously, his dad may have been acting up for his village, but as a result, Gaara got really screwed up (and failed). Not only did his father seal Gaara’s one-tailed Shukaku, but then tried to kill him.

apparently, His father considered him too dangerous, and he was trying to draw out Gaara’s powers. He tricked Gaara into thinking that no one liked him, hoping that would help him rely on his strength, then Arrange to kill Gaara. There were a total of six assassination attempts against him, all of which obviously proved ineffective. In the end, Rasa stopped trying to kill him and tried to use him instead. Everything is incredibly messed up.

9/13 striped addict

Did you know that Gaara was originally an addict? In fact, Gaara’s entire personality will be completely different, according to Kishimoto. His name even went through some changes because it was going to be called Kumomaru, and then Kotaru, before they settled in Gaara. But they were originally going to make him younger, too.

Initially, Kishimoto was going to introduce Komomaru as A seven-year-old elite ninja who abused drugs in order to push himself beyond his physical limits. Yikes, a seven-year-old drug addict. This is a bit dark, even for Naruto. But Kishimoto decided to go in a different direction. Then Gaara was created. Personally, I like his current backstory more than Kishimoto’s would have. This is why we rewrite people!

8/13 first hit

Thanks to Gaara’s unique abilities, He didn’t really experience severe pain or injury until he was a teenager. Sand served as a natural protector, keeping him from any kind of bodily injury. As a result, it was extremely difficult for someone to land on Gaara. Well, two people managed to do that during the Chunin Exams.

Rock Lee was actually the first person to land Gaara during their fight. Thanks to Lee’s taijutsu and his powerful speed, he managed to punch Gaara, surprising him. That wasn’t enough to defeat him, and it ended up losing me. Then Sasuke became the first person to actually infect Gaara. During their battle, Sasuke used his Chidori technique to break through Gaara’s barrier and cause him to bleed. Understandably, Gaara got a little scared.

7/13 Unique secret ability

Even Gaara has a few tricks up his sleeves. Those who are familiar with Gaara only through the anime probably don’t know that he has a rather special ability that he doesn’t use very often. this is The ability is called Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai, and it allows him to control Iron Sand.

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This ability was first revealed in the manga Gaara Hiden. Why doesn’t he use it more often? It’s actually for a good reason. Gaara doesn’t like people knowing about this ability because it helps ensure that he stays one step ahead of his enemies. It’s basically a secret weapon. It also makes sense that if he didn’t have to use it, he wouldn’t, and his enemies wouldn’t know everything about him. With that said, it’s a pretty impressive force.

6/13 Interesting tastes

While Gaara appears to eat occasionally on the show, it wasn’t that much. We’re sure people think the guy lives on the air. But Gaara eats food, and he has his likes and dislikes… although it might not be what she expected.

According to the data book you can find on Gaara, His favorite foods are his tongue and salty gizzards. A little weird, but hey, you do, Gaara. on the flip side, His least favorite foods are Yukan and Maroon Glass, These are the types of sweets. Therefore, basically, he does not like sweets at all, prefers more salty foods. We can respect that.

5/13 His hobby may surprise you

For someone as strong and emotionally unattached as Gaara, it’s hard to imagine him doing everyday things or even having simple hobbies. But there are things Gaara likes to do besides fighting, and you’ll be surprised What is one of his favorite hobbies? She grows aloe vera!

Yes, Gaara actually loves taking care of cacti. We think that’s cool, and we can see why he loves aloe vera. He even talks about his hobby and why he loves it to others, which is also amazing. To see this character presented as a somewhat psychotic killer, his interest in growing live plants is a bit fanciful. But it also shows how far Gaara has come!

4/13 He has an interesting link to the matrix

Kishimoto talked about Gaara’s appearance, He says how hard it was to draw his first outfits so much and maintain consistency. So, He changed it at the end of the first part, And we have to say, Gaara looks pretty good! It definitely makes him look older and more mature. But did you know this outfit was an interesting inspiration?

Apparently, Kishimoto said he took it from The Matrix for Gaara’s new look. Looking at the two, we can see the similarities. There’s a high collar, solid color, and almost trench coat. It’s great that action movies like The Matrix can influence animated shows.

3/13 could get married

Did you know that Gaara is about to get married? Well, it was a kind of arranged marriage, It is presented in Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage. The Sunakagure Council was concerned that if Gaara never married and had children, he would be the next heir to the role of Kage from Konoha since Temari married Shikamaru. Therefore, they arranged for him to meet the woman they had chosen for him, Hakuto.

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Gaara was actually fine with most of this because he saw the logic in him, and when he met Hakuto, he really liked her. But things did not work out. Well, that means Hakuto was planning to leave Sona with her lover and her escape. It was complicated, but in the end, Gaara left them. We think he’s not going to find love anytime soon, but we also think he’s okay with that.

2/13 Intense missions

The way missions work in Naruto is that S rank missions are the highest and most dangerous, followed by rank A, rank B, rank C, and rank D. Most Genins will complete D rank missions and a few C rank missions. But most Genins are not neighbors. Since he was a young child, he had to fight to survive and was often forced to become stronger out of necessity. Therefore, he proved that he is quite capable of more rigorous tasks.

When he was only an embryo, one of the lower ranks in the ninja army, he completed many rank B missions. In fact, During his career, Gaara has completed 0 rank D, 9 rank C, 8 rank B, 14 rank A, and 3 rank S missions. Basically, Gaara is someone you don’t really want to fight, because he will screw you up and make it seem like it’s too easy.

1/13 His wallpaper is Kishimoto’s favorite

One of the things Naruto does well is that it offers interesting background stories even for characters you might not like at first. As a result, you can sympathize with any character, even if it is evil. Gaara’s backstory in particular is really cool.

When we first meet Gaara, he seems to be a very sociopath and has this deep hatred for all people, but also this cold indifference towards them. Besides his amazing strength, he is really intimidating, and makes him a good “evil”. Then we get to his backstory, and learn about his horrible childhood and how twisted and very painful he was. It’s heartbreaking. We’ve never changed our mind about a character so quickly. Kishimoto himself said that Gaara’s backstory is his favorite from the first part. We don’t blame him. It’s really unbelievable.

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