Doc Rivers summons Sixers writer after Celtics loss


Sixers forward Tobias Harris has been highly praised for his “spirit” from head coach Doc Rivers.

There were long periods during the inaugural season when Tobias Harris seemed to be the only one earning a paycheck. He scored the first bucket of the game, then digged 27 feet to give the Sixers their first lead.

Harris got 8 points and 2 plates in the first quarter, switching aggressively in defense between Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. He had a quiet second half but not because of the lack of effort. Harris maxed out on energy, giving his all in whatever role the Sixers needed.

After the match, Sixers coach Doc Rivers paid tribute to his spirit. Harris finished with 18 points (7 of 14 from the field, 3 of 6 from depth). He flashed over his trademark defense.

“Tobias was huge. He was great all night. He played the right way all night,” Rivers to reporters. “He gave himself completely to the team. Like his spirit, we need 15 of them. Because if we can have that with everyone, this team we’ve all been talking about has been bought out, then you have it. But it was great, it’s tough, you go from choice The second to the third option sometimes to the fourth option, which is not easy.

“It’s easy for everyone on the outside to say do it, it’s hard, it really is. And yet he does it because he wants us to win. And so I give him all the credit in the world. And in defense too. He plays hard, he flips right, he can Being the first person to complain doing so.”

Paul Reed vs. Harrell Montreal has begun

montrezel harrel He was the first player off the bench and was 11 minutes behind Joel Embiid. He was the obvious backup center in the opening, not Paul Reed. He made three fouls in 11 minutes, with a total of two points and 0 rebounds. Reed – a fan favorite who scored a lot of minutes before the season – saw no burns against the Celtics.

“I thought Montrezel deserved it,” said Rivers, Via. scissors wire. “I thought Therese did well in preparation for the season. We loved the match tonight because it got small and Therese usually has a big impact. Therese should play better.”

Sixers prepare for the Milwaukee Bucks

Sixers took their lumps in 126-117 loss to Boston. This wasn’t the start anyone wanted, but there are positives you can take away from it. James Harden put in 35 points in a vintage performance, while Joel Embiid added 26 points and 15 rebounds. One of the main issues was the bench as the Celtics outscored them 34-11.

Philadelphia is now turning its attention to the Milwaukee Bucks for their Thursday night home opening. The Bucks had 2 out of 3 from The Sixers last season, but every contest was close: 4.7 on average margin of victory. Bucks striker Bobby Portese knows it won’t be easy to win at Wells Fargo. It is no longer so. The road game will double as the season opener for Milwaukee.

“It’s always difficult to play at Philly. It’s always difficult to play at Philly,” Portez said via CBS Sports. “They will be on you. They will tease you. They will do this, this and the third.”


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