Fans slam Knicks star as ‘legal bank robber’ after losing OT


RJ Barrett catches flack.

The New York Knicks faced the Memphis Grizzlies in the season opener and threw in an overtime thriller.

Struggling forward Cam Reddish, someone who fights for minutes in the regular season and is currently earning them thanks to an injury Quentin Grimes, defeated the crucial triple pointer that pushed the Knicks into overtime.

It was a good moment for him, and fans were happy to see him shoot like that. On the other hand, there was a lot of hatred towards RJ Barrett on opening night.

Newly signed four-year contract He pays more than $100 millionhe probably had his worst match as Nick and the fans let him hear it.

Fans’ voice is closed to RJ Barrett

Barrett played 38 minutes and shot 3-18 from the ground, including missing all six of his throws. Barrett hit nearly 50 percent in pre-season, so that was a huge drop for him, and it certainly played a part in the loss.

Twitter account Hatter Centrala meme account that “praises” the poor performance featured Barrett’s performance, and many other fans chimed in.

“RJ Barrett Photo 3/18 Wow, it’s my mom’s birthday” One fan said.

“If Julius Rundle put this up RJ Barrett Tonight’s game will be destroyed,” Another said.

There are still 81 more games left and Barrett likely won’t put up performances like this on a regular basis, but it’s hard to see that coming in such a close match where only two of those fouls could have been.

All in all, he finished at zero in the plus/minus category, so he ended up doing no harm to the team.

Obi Tobin and Mitchell Robinson tied for a worse team at -7, while Julius Randle finished with a better team +7.

Randle is someone who has a lot of question marks in the season and has been seen as a player who could ask for a deal at some point in the season, so a good start like this is a good sign for the Knicks.

The new Randall is here to stay?

Randle’s 11-6-24 laying is nothing new for the fans, but he also came in at a 9-16 shot, so the efficiency was there for him unlike last season. This would put him more in line with the All-NBA year two seasons ago.

He tried six triples and made two of them, so either the efficiency goes up or he has to stop shooting as many as he can. Randle is one of the fittest players in the league and will likely dominate near the basket, but that’s not where he finds himself throughout the game much.

With Jalen Bronson in town, there was a sense that Randle would have to change his playing style, and an Eastern Conference executive is putting this as something to watch in the event Randle asks for a deal.

“He could definitely be a guy who’s looking to order a deal this year,” said CEO Sean Devine of “I don’t think they’re going to use it the way they used to, not with the wings they have.”


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