Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Highlights Checks out the pivotal June/Serena episode

On this week’s episode of The Handmaid’s TaleJune (Elizabeth Moss) and Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) find themselves in a difficult situation after the events of the previous episode. Serena finally goes into labor, but the women are stranded, and it’s still up to June to help Serena. Will the two find common ground?

The new clip breaks the seventh episode titled “The Land of No Man”. It starts with Moss explaining June’s motives for ever helping Serena. Since the beginning of the series, Serena has been basically a hostile force towards June. Despite everything the women have been through, June still holds a glimmer of hope that Serena will be better. Moss sees birth as the beginning of June to finally make that point to Serena.

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Strahovski draws on the birth sequences where she shares her personal experience with home birth and how important it was to make that realistic in the episode. She expands on the intimacy of the scene and how she brought her experience to the screen. What viewers saw was repeated in the same episode, which was one of the most intimate scenes on the show, especially between June and Serena. Show them close physically, add a layer to the complex nature of their relationship and bring them to a noticeable turning point.

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As the clip continues, Executive Producer Hey Zhang It reminds viewers of the time June wished for Serena’s baby death last season. However, Moss adds that June is a good person, and any desire to see Serena or her child die quickly dissipates when faced with the possibility. After giving birth, June insists that Serena and the baby get help. Serena’s desperation to get away from the Wheelers eventually leads her to try to move the baby to June. Executive Producer Eric Tuchman He notices Serena’s change of tune as she begins to take responsibility for her past actions. And although June does not forgive Serena, she refuses to do to Serena what she did to her.

One of the key aspects of the episode that the clip doesn’t touch on is the ending. Without spoilers, the new episode (whether temporary or long-term) that June and Serena shaped in the episode continues. Viewers saw moments of it in a flashback, but they also saw how the women were affected by it as the episode wrapped. It challenges viewers to show the same sympathy for Serena as June did and leaves open question whether June will continue to help Serena in the upcoming episodes.

The Handmaid’s Tale Adapted from Margaret Atwood A novel of the same name. Created and executive produced by Bruce Miller. Moss, Tuchman, Chang, Warren LittlefieldAnd the Daniel WilsonAnd the Fran SearsAnd the Rachel ShekertAnd the Sheila HawkinAnd the John WeberAnd the Frank SyracuseAnd the Steve StarkAnd the Kim Todd Executive products. Produced by MGM Television. Includes additional cast for season 5 OT FagbenleAnd the Max MinghellaAnd the Bradley WhitfordAnd the Ann DoddAnd the Madeleine BrewerAnd the Samira WileyAnd the Genevieve AngelsonAnd the Sam JaegerAnd the Amanda Brueghel.

There are only three episodes left for this season The Handmaid’s Tale. Episodes 1 through 7 are now streaming on Hulu. New episodes come out weekly on Wednesdays. Check out the inside look below:

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