Ja Morant reveals surprising conversation with Jalen Brunson after Knicks Loss


A controversial call brought the Knicks Grizzlies game to a standstill.

The New York Knicks dropped their season opener against the Memphis Grizzlies in overtime, and Ja Morant doesn’t think he should have gone that far.

It came to the wire in the final minutes of the match, and Knicks striker Cam Reddish managed it Triple pointer drain hook game That would send the game into overtime.

Morant, with less than a second left in the match, made what looked like a green light throw that was almost certain The Grizzlies won. However, Knicks goalkeeper Jalen Bronson managed to slip in and take responsibility for sending the game into overtime.

After the match, Morant revealed to reporters that there shouldn’t be an overtime period and that Bronson told him he shouldn’t be called on a charge.

Ban or charge?

On frequent rewatches, it feels like a call that could go either way, and in the end still works for the Grizzlies.

Morant said after the match that Bronson told him the play should have been a blocking mistake.

“(Jalen Bronson) said to me, ‘That’s crazy,'” Morant said. Memphis News writer Damichelle Cole. “He told me I jumped around him. We weren’t supposed to play these five extra minutes.”

Morant shot on the play and would have had a chance to add an extra point with a free throw, so he would have had a three-point lead by less than a second.

At the end of the day, this is the first game of what will be a long season, but the Knicks will need every win they can go forward. As of now, they are still expected to be a team competing in the Championship Play, depending on the 10th seed. This is a list that has been much improved from last season, but there are no guarantees in the NBA.

On the bright side, there are some encouraging signs to walk away from the first match.

Bronson and Randall looked good

The Knicks went out and earned a point guard this season that will prove the situation for years to come, and it looks like they were able to make it happen.

Bronson finished with nine assists without a turn, demonstrating his ability to take care of the ball and make plays for his teammates, including the assist in Reddish’s three goals.

Rundle put the 11/6/24 into the 9-16 shootout, and if that kind of efficiency is here to stay, the attacking star can find himself Back in the All-Star Team.

RJ Barrett had a disaster out of a game in the opening match, and he likely won’t have as many recurring performances as this one. He only hit three of his 18 shots, including missing all six from outside the arc. Despite this, the Knicks only lost by three points, so they showed they could hold out even if one of their stars was having a night off.

If all three keep playing any night, the Knicks could be tough to beat.


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