Kathryn Hahn said Coven of Chaos will start shooting next month

Spells will be chanted with witty banter that is well cast when Agatha: Cove of Chaos The cameras will start operating next month. Catherine Hanwho plays the show’s titular witch, made comments as she made her way onto the red carpet at the Chicago International Film Festival revealing the big news about the highly anticipated MCU series.

In what started as a one-off character for the Emmy Award-winning Marvel and Disney+ series, WandaVisionHahn’s dark magic witch quickly gained popularity, which was something that he enjoyed bad mothers The actress says, “Nothing [she] He could have dreamed of it. stunned by the popularity of a character ‘never heard of it’ as she quickly rose through the ranks and landed a spin-off project, said Han, who was stunned by the popularity of a character who ‘never heard of her’ dropping the big news, Mrs. Fletcher Najma revealed that the production was “in the midst of getting ready for the art” with filming beginning “in about a month”.

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This is music to our ears – figuratively and literally as we expect at least Musical number one in the upcoming series. After causing a magical altercation on Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and the charming town of Westview, New Jersey, the last moments of WandaVision I watched the Scarlet Witch put a hex on Agatha Hahn to make her think she really was just a regular member of the cookie-cutter community. with Agatha: Cove of Chaos Supposed to move on from there, we can’t wait to see how the titular character regains her power as the one-time Darkhold.

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While little is known about the series’ plot or choice of series, it was recently revealed Emma Caulfield She will reprise her role as Westview’s president, Dottie. Known across town for her meticulous planning and enlightened gossip, Dottie was in bad shape before revealing the truth about Agatha through an incredibly catchy song. While we’re not sure what Dottie’s role in the new project will be, we definitely hope you’ll join someone – just think about the gossip! As for the beloved Agatha Darkhold (a magical book containing the most evil spells), it was destroyed in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessWhich you certainly wouldn’t be happy with. Along with Caulfield and Hahn, WandaVision Main writer Jack Schaeffer He will also return to the series to write the story as well as executive production.

Stoke has been building for the Agatha-focused spin-off since it was first announced in November 2021 as part of the Disney+ Day celebrations. At that time the title of the series was Agatha: Pete Harkness that has now undergone a change Agatha: Cove of Chaossomething that was revealed during this year’s Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

While no exact date has been set yet, we know we expect the new series to fly to Disney+ during the winter of 2023. For now, check out WandaVision Trailer Hear Han’s teasers straight from her mouth via the red carpet interview below.

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