RFK Racing Drops New NASCAR 2023 Chart


RFK Racing will feature a new chart during the 2023 season.

RFK Racing set the stage for the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series. The team released a new “modern” blueprint for Chris Bucher’s #17 Ford Mustang.

The Cup Series organization teased the scheme during the week leading up to the Homestead-Miami Speedway. Then RFK Racing gave its first full look On October 20, the team showed off a blue Ford Mustang that highlighted Fastenal, featuring new door number stripes and Milwaukee logos on the hood.

The chart will also contain some other finer details during the 2023 season. There will be a hexagonal pattern on the side that is supposed to highlight the company’s supply chain capabilities. There will also be a “modern” Buescher name rail.

“When it comes to vehicle design, we always try to find creative ways to make our brand stand out, and that becomes a fun challenge when designing an object that is moving at 200 mph,” said Brooke Mlsna, Fastenal Vice President of Marketing. Our 2023 design has our trademark blue front and center along with a tech hexagon pattern.

“This pays tribute to our foundational product line, which over decades has evolved into a high-tech inventory management solution for our customers. Connecting it all together is our new motto: Where Industry Meets Innovation. All of this underscores our mission to deliver innovative solutions to business customers everywhere” .

The scheme will appear for the first time during the 2022 season

Chris Boucher

GTChris Bucher hit an all-time high in 2022.

While the Fastenal chart will appear several times during the 2023 Cup Series season, it will debut months in advance. Buescher will lay out the layout for the show over the weekend at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

After the trip to Florida, Buescher will bring back the Fastenal chart for the end of the season at Phoenix Raceway. He will strive to finish the season in which he scored high numbers in his career in the top ten (10) and top five (three). Buescher also won his second race, which was the first time he had visited a Fastenal at Victory Lane in the Cup Series.

“Firstly, I am grateful to Fastenal for their continued support of our team and their dedication to not only our performance on the track, but the support they provide in other areas of our store and its operations,” Buescher said in the press release. “In the sport, it says a lot to be able to maintain a partner of this level for so long, and we are grateful that Fastenal has made us even better both on and off the track. The new scheme is a great update to an already well-known car, and we look forward to putting it in the victory lane again in 2023.”

This chart represents RFK Racing’s second reveal

RFK Racing still has three races left in the 2022 Cup Series, but the team is taking time to prepare the 2023 lineup. The Fastenal scheme is actually the second scheme the team has revealed ahead of the trip to Homestead-Miami Speedway.

On October 17, RFK Racing announced that Brad Keselowski will have a new partner during the 2023 season. He will be working with Elk Grove Village, a Chicago suburb that houses the largest industrial park in the country.

Keselowski will show Elk Grove Village during his 4th of July weekend trip to the Windy City. He will run his first-ever street track race on the streets of Chicago as he tries to win his first race off an oval track.

This partnership with Elk Grove Village is actually a multi-year deal. This means that Keselowski and RFK Racing will be showing cross-country during events other than the inaugural Chicago street race.


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