The coffee cup company breaks the silence on the mistake of Game of Thrones

Finally, the real coffee company behind the infamous cup (not Starbucks) poured the beans on a slip from Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4.

The real company behind Game of thrones The infamous coffee cup slip in Season 8 finally spoke of the incident. After seven seasons of unprecedented success, Game of thrones Season 8 was the hotly anticipated final chapter of the massive HBO fantasy adaptation. Partly because expectations were so high, the last season failed to live up to many fans.

in Game of thrones Season 8 Episode 4 “The Last of the Starks” A modern cup of coffee is seen in one frame during the scene at the Concert Hall, pictured next to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). Photos of the out-of-place trophy immediately spread on the Internet, with many finding it inconceivable that such an extravagant display could have made such a fatal mistake. For the most die-hard critics of the final season, a cup of coffee speaks volumes for everything they thought was wrong Game of thrones Season 8: Although there is no obvious logo on the coffee cup, many have incorrectly assumed it and referred to it as a Starbucks cup.

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Now, for the first time since the episode aired in May 2019, the real coffee shop behind the famous mug is finally speaking. for every Adweekthe owner of the coffee company, Mark Ashbridge, revealed that the cup came from their store in Belfast that Game of thrones The cast, including Clark, hesitate. During the intense interview, Ashbridge also lamented how the cup incorrectly identified as Starbucks caused his store to lose millions of dollars in free PR.

A cup of Game of Thrones coffee wasn’t the franchise’s only continuity fault

With the end of the original series, the Game of thrones The franchise now lives in the form of a prequel seriesDragon House. However, the coffee cup bug still hangs on the pre-show. Even show makers Ryan Kondal and Miguel Saposhnik mocked “Starbucks Hunting“It was set to avoid a similar incident. Although the pre-show wasn’t able to completely avoid continuity errors, eyes-eyed fans caught a small visual effect error in the Dragon House Episode 3.

Both coffee cup bugs and sound effects have been edited out of the episodes for future broadcasts and streaming. However, mishaps remained hot topics for fans who didn’t allow HBO shows to discount their mistakes. With the real company talking now, hopefully it’s all Game of thrones The coffee cup debate can finally be put to rest. If not, everyone will probably now stop referring to it incorrectly as a Starbucks mug.

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