The Yellowstone and Tulsa King season premieres in AMC theaters

people behind Yellowstone And the Tulsa King He must have been incredibly impressed Nicole KidmanAMC Theaters’ memorable ad, because they made the decision to release both the season five premiere of the first and the premiere of the final series to over 100 AMC locations. Both Taylor Sheridan Productions created in more than 100 of the series’ theaters will premiere October 29, with tickets now available on AMC’s website and mobile app. With both the fifth season of Yellowstone And the first season of Tulsa King Landing on Paramount Network and Paramount+, respectively, starting November 13th, the news means you can watch both episodes two weeks earlier than anyone else – just be nice and don’t give up on spoilers!

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The incredibly popular trailer for the upcoming season of Yellowstone Destroyed records, achieving 14.4 million views in a period of only 24 hours, while gaining another 1.7 million shares as well as more than 30,000 mentions across a large number of social media platforms, with more than 190,000 shares. Season 5’s first look revealed John Dutton (Kevin Costner(He is sworn in as Governor of Montana before quickly firing everyone who works in the office and naming his daughter Beth)Kelly Riley) as the new chief of staff. Causing a shake with government authorities, the rest of the trailer exposes a bumpy road and the cannon explodes in front of the Duttons.

New Paramount Family Brand, Sheridan Tulsa King will star Sylvester Stallone As a New York outcast gangster named Dwight “General” Manfredi. From what we know about the series so far, Dwight has been spending time behind bars for the past 25 years, and upon his release, his boss sent him to start the family business in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When dealing with the very real possibility that his chosen mafia family might be plotting against him, Dwight sets out to build a new group of his own and, with his long background in criminal pursuits, begins to assemble his team. From what we’ve seen via the trailers and first appearances, the project is right in Stallone’s alley with plenty of action sequences and fight scenes.

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It has an amazing assortment of talent. Tulsa King also the stars Martin StarAnd the Andrea SavageAnd the Jay WillAnd the Max CasellaAnd the Dominique LombardoziAnd the Vincent PiazzaAnd the AC PetersonAnd the Garrett HedlundAnd the Dana Delaney. Terence Winter He works as a model and executive producer alongside Sheridan and Stallone David C. GlaserAnd the Ron BerkleAnd the Bob YariAnd the David HotkinAnd the Allen CoulterAnd the Braden Fargood.

Secure your tickets now for AMC’s premiere events in Tulsa King The start of the fifth season of Yellowstone. With Halloween season upon us, fans are encouraged to dress up in their favorite costumes Yellowstone character and enter an online fashion contest which gives them a chance to take some glamor home Yellowstone merch. Even if you don’t win much, the public will be in a rush to get product giveaways, codes, and merchandise discounts, as well as a free one-month trial code for Paramount+.

Check out the trailers for each production below.

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