10 Villains in Final Fantasy I never had a chance to get hit in a fight

If nothing else, the bad guys in the Final Fantasy series are some pretty tough hitters. They are all incredibly powerful, and for whatever reason, it seems like all that power often comes with great hair. Aside from great hair, the average person probably wouldn’t stand a chance against any of them.

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It’s hard to say it would be a fair fight because the average person would be fortunate to even know a bit of standard rounding magic, not to mention how to throw a fireball, but the fight would be so. If the Final Fantasy characters fall into the hands of some of these villains, I have a feeling that we ordinary folk are going to have a very hard time. I don’t know about you, but I get nervous thinking about the bills, so I don’t think I’ll be battling the gods anytime soon.

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10/10 Gulbez

It may not be the real bad in Final Fantasy 4, but Golbez is the hostile force for the majority of the game. He doesn’t miss any opportunities to show off his strength at the game party, but he also gets beaten up a few times.

First, Tellah gets along well with Golbez on his own, then Rydia does more or less the same thing later. Sure, the average person wouldn’t stand a chance against Golbez, but I think someone could survive for a while, especially with the power of friendship at his side.

9/10 Garland

Let’s be honest. Garland is a bit easy on the NES bosses. It could be swung by a team of low-level white magicians with just a little effort. Once it gets chaotic, things get a little more complicated, that darn evil core!

The person referred to as the Demon Lord is probably not the type that the average person can beat in a fight. Given that he’s so powerful that he can sustain a time loop, I’ll go ahead and say I’d lose if I tried to hit him with a wicked jump blow.

8/10 the emperor

One look at The Emperor from Final Fantasy 2 would make me shiver in my shoes. He’s a mean-looking fellow with more than enough strength to take down a high-ranking team. Taking him face-to-face would be basically impossible.

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I’m sure we all would love to stick with the emperor, but this emperor can shed light. Even worse, a single blow from him could fire a single shot at seriously powerful characters, so I have a feeling if the Emperor moves someone like me, I will suddenly disintegrate upon contact.

7/10 xeromos

There is no point in talking about someone like Zemus – that Lunarian is an idiot. Instead, the real final boss of Final Fantasy 4 is someone that no one can stop. Zeromus is one of the fiercest final bosses in the series, so it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to see him KO more than a few normal people without breaking a sweat.

No one should fight an opponent with an attack called Big Bang. Nine times out of ten, this attack will end you. Of course, Zeromus could cast Meteor, something that would likely destroy the planet if done in real life. The blur will be instant.

6/10 u yivon

I doubt anyone would stand a chance against the colossal creature of sin being, so the demonic whale pilot is next best. Yu Yevon doesn’t really look like much, but I don’t think I can handle a barrage of magic or twisted aeons. Not to mention, I don’t exactly have hundreds of hours of ball milling levels under my belt.

It will end with just one spell. I could try all of my signature moves like “sarcastic remark” or “unenthusiastic stare”, but I don’t think those moves would have any significant impact on something like Final Fantasy 10’s final boss.

5/10 Arden Izonia

Most people can’t even handle Ardyn’s impeccable fashion sense, so how can anyone hope to stand up to his strength? Anyone who could rock a hat like that while still being the worst man around was someone to be afraid of.

His ability to exercise the power of kings makes him untouchable by all. In Final Fantasy 15, even Noctis must fight the battle alone. Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have a fraction of the strength of others who didn’t end up fighting, so Ardyn would probably take someone with a simple tip of his hat.

4/10 dark cloud

I could have tolerated completely obliterating the Cloud of Darkness if it meant I heard that catchy music the whole time. The thing is, just like the other final bosses, the Cloud of Darkness has some serious powerful magic to use.

I’m not quite sure what a particle beam entails, but I don’t think it’s something the average person would withstand. I have a feeling the average Joe doesn’t have more than, say, 2,000 points, so I’d say we’d all be dead.

3/10 Ultimecia

The main problem in the fight between a layman and Ultimecia is that it has the ability to manipulate time and space. It’s a good rule of life to never challenge an enemy in multiple forms – I learned that from Dragon Ball Z.

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The usual Final Fantasy 8 magic is everything, but the worst part is Hell’s Judgment. Given that it puts the strongest characters in one hit point, imagine what you would do to someone who has no combat experience.

2/10 Sephiroth

It probably doesn’t even need to be said about how quickly Sephiroth can kill anyone. It doesn’t even need any extra magic; All he needed was his ridiculously long sword. He would easily get anyone out and do it with a nice head of hair to boot.

Perhaps he came out of nowhere and brought out a person before he knew that he was about to be perished by him; Ask Erith. She knows what’s up. However, there are one last things more to be heard from the single-winged angel in Final Fantasy 7.

1/10 Kefka Palazzo

Don’t mess with someone as quirky as Kefka. Even before he became a god, Kefka would probably take the initiative to poison most people and laugh while they were suffering. We can all try to fight a god, but spoiler alert, it’s not going to go well.

Kifka is able to destroy entire cities with a single attack, so eliminating an ordinary person wouldn’t be a big deal. It will be another Thursday for him. Given his ability to fly to take off, no one would be able to strike him in the first place, let alone escape.

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