Analyst reveals whether QB Raiders Derek Carr is on a hot seat


Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr.

The Las Vegas Raiders are arguably the most disappointing team in the NFL during six weeks of football. For his part, Derek Carr was solid but not as prolific as many expected. He is 13th in the NFL with 255.8 yards per game and has only had eight touchdown passes in five games.

Carr’s Raiders handed an off-season contract extension so they clearly believe in it, but if the team continues to lackluster and doesn’t put up big numbers, they may start to consider making a change. It would take a major crash to happen. Carr has been a polarizing midfielder for several years now and some fans would like to see him go.

However, Fox Sports analyst and Thursday Night Football host Carissa Thompson to Heavy Sports in an interview They wouldn’t even think of moving from Carr no matter how the season went.

“No,” Thompson told Heavy Sports when asked if Carr would be on the hot seat if the Raiders had a losing season. “I would say this, and never call any player or head coach, because until you have that viable alternative or until you tell me that you are going to put said person in that position, or that you are going to have the next person on the seat waiting to come in, I say no. What I still think Derek Carr is a great quarterback. I think there are now a lot of question marks on the defensive side of the ball. They didn’t live up to expectations either.

“I mean, they ranked 28 in the NFL in points allowed. And they only made three turns. That rush of passing, you know, just depends on Maxx Crosby and he really is the only person doing things right now. Chandler didn’t live up to it. Jones probably lives up to expectations as he probably wants and still doesn’t have bags.So I think you should look at both sides of the ball.Of course, [Carr] He has all the attention because he’s a midfielder and that’s the way it goes. But I definitely don’t think they should move on from Derek Carr just yet.”

Thompson talks about partnership with Smirnoff

Between her time hosting Fox Sports and Friday Night Football for Amazon, she’s been working with Smirnov to help recruit a cocktail coordinator position this NFL season. She had a lot to say about her partnership with the company.

“Why did I want to collaborate with Smirnoff? Because they are the official vodka sponsor of the NFL,” Thompson said. “We’ve done a lot of different things in the past together, and I love working with them for a number of different reasons, and a lot of their philosophies are similar to mine too. We like to have fun, drink responsibly, but it’s really about having fun. As someone who used to be a cocktail bartender/bartender in college , I go back to my roots and I know that really, apart from my own job now, it’s another best job in America.

“So we’re looking for a cocktail coordinator. And this Sunday, we’ll be continuing that search in Miami before the Dolphins-Steelers game, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Dolphins’ unbeaten season in 1972. So we’re asking fans over 21 to come in today and submit a video containing The most satisfying cocktail recipe for a championship-winning crowd, the lucky winner can get a chance to ride in a private jet with their crew and go to this year’s Super Bowl in Arizona.”

Anyone interested in opening a Cocktail Coordinator can apply for the position at

What would it take for the Raiders to spoil Carr?

It’s too early in the Josh McDaniels-Derek Carr partnership to think the Raiders are getting nervous on their quarterback. He always took some time to get comfortable with the new offensive systems. If the team really wanted to, they could walk out of Carr’s contract shortly after the season before it’s guaranteed.

It’s still hard to imagine they’d get any worse than it. The Raiders would have to finish with six wins or less and Carr would have to look bad. He’s a good midfielder, so he’s unlikely to play badly enough to get him on with the team. The worst case scenario for Carr is that they draft his replacement but they won’t walk away from him completely.


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