Linking heat to 24 years of age starting strength forward PJ Washington in proposed trade


PJ Washington #25 of the Charlotte Hornets jumps to pass DeMar DeRozan #11 for the Chicago Bulls at the United Center

The Miami Heat played their first game of the 2022-23 NBA season, and the place Heat fans called for changes was a small ball turn that didn’t work out. This summer, PJ Tucker, a regular Heat player, left the team to sign for the Philadelphia 76ers, and that left a hole in the Power Forward position for Miami. Caleb Martin is the player who got approved to start and performed decently, scoring 7 points and grabbing 4 rebounds. He also came with two heists and wasn’t terrible at defending the big guys.

However, while Martin wasn’t bad, it was clear that the heat could improve the position of her power forward on the depth chart. They are currently tied to add free agency due to the luxury tax, but they will be able to trade for another forward and have been tied to an interesting one recently.

Eastern Conference Executive on Potential Thermal Trade

In a recent conversation with Insider of Heviz in the NBA, Shawn Daveneyan executive at the Eastern Conference, talked about the Heat and the potential moves the Heat could take to fix that and that they’ve previously tried to get Jay Crowder.

They knew they had a hole in there and the first choice was always, “Let’s see if we can fix it from the inside.” They’re trying it with (Caleb) Martin, but that could take a lot from him. Martin could end up being her key since they can’t trade him until January because he just signed, but he has some value. They’ve tried to see what’s in there for Duncan Robinson, but there really isn’t much of a market unless you get a team that’s willing to play with him for a year and try to flip his contract next summer. They tried with Phoenix for Jay Crowder, but Phoenix didn’t want Robinson,” an Eastern District executive told Deveney.

After telling Davine’s CEO that the Heat could make a move, Daveney went to work with ideas on a potential deal the Heat could pull to get more power forward, one of whom was the Charlotte Hornets’ big man, see proposal below.

heat reception: PJ Washington and Mason Plumley

Receiving Hornets: Duncan Robinson, Omar Yurtseven, first round (2027)

Washington and the Hornets did little to extend the talks and there was business speculation about it for a year. He’s a strong young man, and while Charlotte seemed lukewarm towards him at first, perhaps that will change. If that doesn’t happen, it will be a huge commercial target and the Heat will be wise to do whatever is necessary to bring him to Miami.” Divine Books.

Will you take a step?

Currently the plan is to move with Caleb Martin in power forward. Expect Heat to stick with it until proven otherwise. He talked about wanting to start right before the season.

“I’d like to start, but as long as I’m playing and I can be productive, it’s okay”, Martin said.

Keep a close eye on Martin and how he produces there, and if not, the Heat could move in as January approaches.


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