Sixers’ newcomer makes a candid first impression on Philly fans


Sixers striker Danuel House Jr. For a shot against Jason Tatum in the season opener.

It was a rough night for his hometown team. Playing their first game of the season at the Wells Fargo Center, the Philadelphia 76ers seemed lost at times, with their attacking rhythm, and prone to tipping.

They lost 90-88 to the Milwaukee Bucks. It was Joel Embiid Especially bad In the third quarter, which led to a round of boos from Sixers fans. Embiid was scheduled to hold a press conference after the match, and then decided to quietly walk out the back door without speaking. Not a big deal, but it was definitely a symbol of frustrate him.

Sixers forward Danwell House Jr. His first regular season appearance was in front of the Philly Believers. The night experienced a whole gamut of human emotions – enthusiastic cheers, boos in disappointment, as well as sudden appearances from a few Philadelphia Eagles players Sitting in the front row – and House appreciated it all. Now it’s up to the Sixers to match that energy.

“It was amazing, the energy was crazy,” House said. “It was crazy, the power was off the Richter scale. They got Chik fil-A tonight of course so they’re happy with that.”

House was referring to the five-piece chicken nugget that all fans were entitled to on Friday. The new Bricken for Chicken bid was withdrawn when Giannis Antetokounmpo missed consecutive free throws.

while, The house heard the booing It rains and we soak them in it. He didn’t mind hearing them, especially the way the Sixers were playing at the time.

“It motivates me personally because it’s like, ‘Hey, I don’t like what I see, come on judge. It’s a good thing. It’s just like your parents are, like, ‘Hey, that wasn’t the best thing for you, stress.’ What are you going to do? Tighten.

They give us energy. They spend their hard-earned money. They give us effort. They handled the traffic to get here, so that’s what we want to do, take back the energy and love, and show Philly that we’re going to play for the front and back of the shirt.”

JOEL EMBIID GET WARNING BY SIXERS Has gone viral!2022-10-21T01:24:47Z

Seeing “The Bigger Picture” with James Harden

House was a teammate with James Harden at the Houston Rockets, so these two have an undeniably built connection. It appeared in the fourth quarter when James Harden found the house inside For easy bucket.

The Sixers enjoyed their best basketball on Thursday night when Doc Rivers has been released The Rockets reunion tour group includes House, Harden, PJ Tucker, De’Anthony Melton and Tobias Harris. They fired a 13-0 run to tie the game 80-80. After the match, House was asked if his chemistry with Harden had moved from Houston to Philadelphia.

“I feel like it’s been moved like we’ve never left,” House said. “We understand the game and we understand each other. We see the bigger picture. So, of course, we’re playing with each other, we see the bigger picture. We’ve been in multiple games. Battle-tested games. Games when our heads are off. When we’ve taken someone’s head.” So, it gives us a huge advantage because we kind of know each other. The chemistry part. We’ve all got a mission together. Once we get it all together, that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

Harden credits Sam Cassel to improve marksmanship

One part of Harden’s game that seemed to improve was his mid-range jump. He easily pulled elbows against Milwaukee as he entered the fairway for easy floats. He credited Sixers assistant coach Sam Cassel – a player known as “Mid-Term Master” During his career – to direct him.

“I was working on my game this summer,” Harden said. “So I took what the defense gave me. I missed a few triples, but you can’t control that. You put in the work, you live with the results. So tonight they gave me mid-range shots, and I took them.”

Harden finished with 31 points in 40 minutesGoing 13 of 24 from the field and hitting the free throw line only twice.


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