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In November 2021, Bravo surprised fans by announcing the newest city in Real Housewives Privilege, Dubai. Bravo has an international version of the series (The Real Housewives of Cheshire) but it is not shown on BravoTV. Real Housewives of DubaiHowever, it is broadcast in the United States

With Caroline Stanbury, Chanel Ayan, Nina Ali, Sarah Al Madani, Lisa Milan Hall, and Caroline Brooks as Housewives of Dubai, fans were drawn to their lavish lives of luxury. Being in the UAE, cultural differences made the series educational. And while there’s some work to be done for the series, Bravo fans still love following these women on Instagram to stay up to date on their well-rounded lives.

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Fans were torn apart in the first season of Real Housewives of Dubai. While some liked the sheer wealth the women had, others thought the season was lackluster. The women knew each other, but the bonds didn’t seem to be original. No matter which way the first season went, Real Housewives Fans love to follow these six women on Instagram to keep up with their busy lives, their differences, and their features on Bravo.

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6/6 Lisa Milan (@Lesa.Milan)


Lisa Milan has the least number of followers among the cast in Dubai, but that doesn’t make her any less interesting or amazing when you look at her. Milano is a fashion designer and has a maternity wear brand called Mina Roe Maternity. Celebrities such as BeyoncĂ© and Khadija Haq McCray donned their maternity hall maternity outfits, along with another Dubai housewife, Chanel Ayan.

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Milan was born in Jamaica and raised in Miami before moving across the world to Dubai. As for whether she would make a good housewife or not, Milan said that about her character worldwide“People often think I’m cool, but I’m not. I’m an observer and I keep the best parts of myself for people I think deserve it. I’m really gossip.”

5/6 Caroline Brooks (Carolinedxb)


Caroline Brooks is another American who lives in Dubai and is following her dreams. As a single mother, Brooks serves as the president of her own real estate company which is based in Dubai. On top of running a large company in one of the most expensive cities in the world, she also opens her own salon. Soon, you should join other housewives with a successful business.

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According to her Instagram, Brooks travels back and forth between the US and Dubai, but has made a good life for herself in the Middle East.

4/6 Chanel Ayan


Chanel Ayan is a supermodel and fashion mogul who would make a great OG Real Housewives A cast member for Dubai due to her background. Ayan was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa, but moved to Brazil to become a model. Chanel met her husband while modeling and lived in the United States for a few years before becoming an expat in Dubai.

Ayan works in a wonderful circle of friends in Dubai and is also known as the first model in Dubai. Because of her fashion sense and wealth, she does very well Real Housewives. Fans want to know more about Chanel Ayan, which is why they are flocking to her Instagram.

3/6 Nina Ali (@Nina.Ali)


Nina Ali is a lifestyle expert on social media, besides being an entrepreneur. Nina is the co-founder of fruit cake, which is located in the United Arab Emirates. But before he co-founded a company, Ali was born in Lebanon and raised in Texas.

After she met her husband, Manaf Ali, she moved to Dubai to be with him. The couple now has three children, and she has built her following by sharing her motherhood experiences on social media. Being in a close-knit family, learning more about the Dubai housewives and their partners is something fans are looking forward to in Season 2.

2/6 Sarah Almadani (@Sara_Almadani_)


Sarah Al Madani may be one of the smartest and most accomplished housewives to date. As a single mom, she is also a tech entrepreneur, public speaker, and an honorary doctorate in business administration.

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She is a woman who wears many hats and has won countless awards for her work as a woman in the Middle East. Al Madani is a board member of two prominent boards in the UAE. With such a diversified business portfolio – and one of the only companies from the UAE – Sarah Al Madani is an inspiration to watch.

1/6 Caroline Stanbury


Carolyn Stanberry is one of the most famous housewives because she was on the previous Bravo reality TV show, London ladies. London ladies It is the perfect reality TV series that fans can indulge in if they like Real Housewives And they are looking for something new. Stanberry is also well known in the high society of London and has a lot of famous friends in high places.

Stanberry moved to Dubai with her ex-husband and three children, and when the couple separated, she remained in Dubai. Considering that Stanberry already has a huge fan base of Bravo London ladiesShe is the most followed on Instagram.

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