Gabe and Val praised their funny interview with Alfonso Ribeiro

Dancing with the stars Fans loved the dynamic between Gabby Windey and her dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy during their interview with co-host Alfonso Ribeiro. The bachelorette The star has been a fan favorite contestant this season due to her likable personality and amazing dancing skills. Gabe was a dancer throughout high school and a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos in her twenties. The star brought her dancing experience to the show, and she and Val have been on top of the scoreboard since the night of the premiere. For Prom Night, the pair scored a first 40 out of 40, tying them with Wayne Brady and Whitney Carson for the highest score of the night.

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Gabe and Val got more Dancing with the stars Fans are on their side by making them laugh during the post-performance interview. TikTok user arieswithalorising He shared the interview clip where Gabe Sharpe sniffed at Alfonso to reenact what it was like working out with Val. Her dancing partner then pulled Alfonso’s head to his chest after the partner asked her what it was like to dance with her head on his sweaty chest. Fans found the moment funny. “They are a pair made in heaven, comedy is everything,One fan commented, another added,Val matching her energy is everything.Other fans have expressed that they would like Gabe to get her own reality show or host BSC A privilege because she has a sense of humor.

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Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovskiy both have great chemistry like Dancing with the stars partners

The two had many other funny moments, like the night of the premiere when Val took a towel to wipe Gabe’s armpit after them. Dancing with the stars A routine or many funny rehearsal moments that fans see every week. This week, Val’s wife Gina Johnson, who is currently pregnant, joined forces with Gabe and Val to teach Gabe how to channel her sexy side into Roomba. Jenna had no problem encouraging Gabe to get close to her husband in order to do the best she could. The rehearsal with Gina paid off as the duo received four 9s from the judges, including guest judge Michael Buble, and one 10 from Bruno Tonioli.

Gabby and Val share a sense of humor and have great chemistry, which makes watching them so much fun. While her dancing experience plays a huge role in her achievement of her highest score, her ability to work well with Val is just as important. The Dancing with the stars The supporter admitted that Gabe doesn’t take anything personally at rehearsals, and every week she’s clearly coming forward. While she has received criticism from Judge Carrie Ann Inaba in the past for not bringing enough of her character to the dance floor, fans couldn’t disagree more. The Dancing with the stars Fans think Gabby brings it all to the show every week, which is why they come back every Monday.

The two have never even come close to the bottom two, and that’s not just because the judges score them so high. Fan voting plays a huge role in the couples’ ability to stay on the show, and the more entertaining Gabe was, the more people would vote for her. Her chemistry with Val and Alfonso brings joy Dancing with the stars Fans, and she might eventually find herself if she keeps up the good work. It’s important to get the judges’ scores, but it’s also important to get the fans’ vote. Contestants like Gabe, who has the approval of both, is set to be a hit Dancing with the stars season.

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source: arieswithalorising/tik tok

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