Lakers News: LeBron James and Anthony Davis summoned by NBA Executive


Lakers star LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been called by an NBA executive.’s Sean Daveney spoke to an anonymous Western Conference executive who was critical of James and Davis, the Lakers’ captains.

“The thing that worries them is that they don’t care,” said Devine’s CEO. “Even LeBron, even Anthony Davis, who were watching during these games, I don’t see acceptance. It’s a lot of frustration and handshakes, hands on hips, all that. A week into the season. I saw that last year too. They were a miserable team and that lasted until This year. They don’t get loose balls. They don’t compete with jumpers. The things you have to do every possession. Darphin Hamm didn’t change that. Patrick Beverly didn’t. Only LeBron and A.D., and especially LeBron, can change that and they don’t. that “.

The Lakers started the season 0-3. They have a league attack ranked 30th and they are Shooting only 21.2% from behind the bow as a team. James and Davis both put out stellar numbers, but the CEO who spoke to Daveney doesn’t like the body language the two L.A. stars have shown.

NBA Exec: I feel bad for Darvin Hamm

Daveney’s CEO suggested that the Lakers appoint new coach Darvin Hamm for the failure. The list around James and Davis isn’t good enough to compete in the rugged Western Conference.

“I feel bad for Darvin because this isn’t a job she wanted for the first time on the sidelines,” said Devine’s CEO. “This is not the junior job you want to start with. You see it makes them run out of transition, they go into transition almost like any team in the league (#2) and they are by far the worst team in transition. But Darvin’s only other option is to slow him down. And give it to LeBron in Half Court, but they can’t shoot. They don’t have pitchers on the floor, so the half-court offense is terrible too. Darvin is ready to fail with this team.”

The Lakers have the second best defensive rating by three games, allowing only 103.4 points per 100 possessions. Purple and Gold are ranked first in heists per 100 possessions and 11th in blocks per 100 possessions and opponents are turning the ball on 18.7% of their possessions against the Lakers. Los Angeles also allows for the fewest paintball points per 100 properties and the ninth-lowest second-chance points per 100 properties, according to Yuvan Buha from The Athletic.

“There is room for improvement,” Hamm said in training on October 25. “But for the most part, I think the players have risen to the challenge. Our three principles – containment, competition and control – and I was thrilled with the way we tried to contain the ball, keep the ball in front of us. The way we competed, not just on the ball or chasing the top. From the catch and roll game, but many competitions – even the players who keep the ball out of their hand. Then our shifts in activity we still have to see room for improvement also on the defensive glass. I just like our activity. I think we are (two in the defensive classification). I would To be No. 1. So we have goals and we want to work towards being the best defensive team in the league.”

The Lakers are so rotten in attack that their solid defense hasn’t been able to help them win. Everyone on the team struggles to make three-pointers, especially James and Davis. LeBron shoots 25.9% from behind the bow, Davis shoots 20.0%.

The Lakers may trade LeBron and Davis next summer

If the Lakers do not make the playoffs this season, James and Davis could be traded during the summer of 2023. Vincent Goodwill from Yahoo Sports He believes Los Angeles should go into a complete rebuilding process sooner rather than later.

“I think they should just say, You know what? From the extreme, trade AD, trade LeBron, trade Russ if you can. Start over because what you have is not sustainable, even in this season,” Goodwill said on October 24. By “sustainable” I mean – even if you get Buddy Hield and Myles Turner – that makes you, what makes you a sixth seed in the Western Conference? These are not Laker’s predictions. These are not LeBron James’ predictions. There is no way to get better. So why not just rip it off? “

James signed a two-year, $97.1 million extension with the Lakers in August. The four-time MVP and the final four-time MVP cannot be traded until February 18, 2023. Meanwhile, Davis has no restrictions on trading.


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