The 10 Best Found Horror Movies, According to Reddit

With so many exciting movies and TV shows streaming this Halloween, many audiences will be looking for new and original horror flicks to make it into a spooky atmosphere. Shots from the most popular horror subgenre are found, and there’s no shortage of scary movies in this style to send goose bumps down your spine.

The initially found footage found popularity in the late ’90s, when horror filmmakers realized just how much this style could do to scare the audience. It’s one of the most immersive ways to engage the audience in the story, which is exactly why so many fans love it.

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Cloverfield (2008)

Available to stream on AMC+

Matt Reeves Cloverfield It is one of the most beloved horror films to be found in the past few decades, which has ushered the sub-genre into a whole new wave of popularity thanks to its creative story and ability to make thrillers. With a short runtime and fast-paced storyline, it’s the perfect late-night horror that doesn’t require much thought.

Reddit user Aloud He thinks Cloverfield is a “very fun movie” with plenty of “thrill and scare” to keep viewers on edge. A must have for anyone looking to learn about found footage أفلام Cloverfield On their watchlist, because the species wouldn’t be the same without it.

Serious Encounters (2011)

Available to stream on AMC+

Serious encounters It makes the most of two of the horror’s most iconic subgenres by blending its horrific, supernatural story with an intriguing shot format that raises the film’s fear factor endlessly. It may not be the most famous horror ever, but its dedication to style makes it a fan favorite.

Reddit user start_day 3112 calls dangerous encountersA great movie “Really Help Them” fills the paranormal itch. “It’s full of horrific scenes and horrific jumping games – but somehow it manages to prioritize its great story above everything else.

Hell House LLC (2015)

Available to stream on Prime Video

Everyone knows that a movie is infinitely scary when based on a true story, and this heart-wrenching satire manages to capitalize on that fact by presenting itself as a realistic documentary full of supernatural thrills and shocks.

redditor the airport believes that Hell House LLC “He did a great job making everything feel authentic,” which is one of the most important factors when it comes to satirical films. So many people are martyred Hell House LLC As the most underrated horror movie of the past few years, with its haunting story still scary today.

as above, below (2014)

Available to stream on Hulu

As above until below It tells the story of an expedition team who begins to encounter supernatural threats as they descend into the Paris catacombs. Playing with the concepts of demons, claustrophobia, and the afterlife, it’s one of the scariest movies in the genre.

Reddit user Hira-Eggplant -251 drop it As above until below It is “comprehensive as a horror movie,” balancing perfect levels of horror and apprehension with its thriller. It’s totally original and overwhelmingly creative, which is exactly what horror movies should be.

Devil’s Corridor (2015)

Available to stream on AMC+

Originally titled Dyatlov traffic accident, This movie quickly gained a following due to its technical prowess and innovative subversion of the horror genre. The story follows a group of five American students as they investigate the mysterious deaths of nine skaters on the Dyatlov Pass.

redditor bribery He argues that the film’s strongest asset is its ability to “bind all the myths, contradictions, and intrigues around it together into a (mostly) small cohesive package.” Devil pass It is a very stifling experience, with the lives of its protagonists constantly hanging in the balance.

Doomed (2013)

Available to stream on Showtime

Not only stricken A great horror movie, but it also features a thrilling mystery that keeps the audience in the dark throughout the runtime. The story chronicles the journey of two friends through Paris, where one of them discovers an infection in his hotel room, and gradually begins to show unusual symptoms.

Reddit user Morganphrynomorph believes that calamity It “doesn’t get enough attention” because of its creepy visuals and mystical narration. It’s much more than simple horror, and its use of found footage style makes it all the more striking.

fun (2020)

Available to stream on Hulu

Joe Kerry’s distorted influence on Kurt Kunkle is the real reason for it cheerful It does well, with the actor completely disappearing into the role and the revival of this delightful movie. It’s an up-to-date take on the type of shot found, which leads to several modifications working in its favour.

Reddit user ISLAMICJI praise cheerful“Latest” in style, agreeing that “Joe Kerry is absolutely gorgeous” in the main performance. cheerful It is one of the best modern horror films dealing with issues of the internet, stardom and the status of celebrities.

The Tunnel (2011)

Currently unavailable to stream

tunnel It tells the story of an Australian film crew who soon discovers that rumors of a government cover-up on abandoned train tunnels under Sydney are best left alone. It’s a slow burn, but once it really starts, it doesn’t let the audience breathe for a second.

Reddit user infinity 1 calls tunnel “Awesome” with many other fans praising the film’s creative story and exciting filmmaking. The movie also takes inspiration from the “critters feature” genre, effectively blending it with everything you’d expect from the horror genre.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Available to stream on HBO Max

Many people consider The Blair Witch Project To be the best horror movie ever found, and undoubtedly the most grounded for the development of the genre. Almost all films that have followed this sub-genre have been credited with The Blair Witch Projectwhich popularized the style into the mainstream.

Reddit user nick_the_joker_man cites The Blair Witch Project Like the movie that “made me in the movie industry in the first place”, because it proves that you don’t need a big budget or special staff to make a thriller with a timeless legacy.

Rick (2007)

Available to stream on Tubi TV

The genre of found shots has seen an exponential increase in popularity throughout the 2000s, and REC It was one of the biggest films responsible for this mainstream success. This came on the heels of a late-night news team being called to report a nearby incident with catastrophic consequences.

Reddit user 20755 . gunshots calls REC The “best found movie” they saw, claiming that anyone with any interest in the genre should watch the movie right away. It’s a hugely important part of pop culture, and for good reason – very few movies have found their footage frightening.

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