The job performance of Therese Maxi driving the Sixers Raptors


Therese Maxi #0 of the Philadelphia 76ers dribble against the Toronto Raptors during the first half of a basketball game at Scotiabank Arena on October 26, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Most of Philadelphia may have been distracted by the Phillies World game, but Therese Maxi was putting on his own show north of the border. In their second straight game with the Toronto Raptors, the Sixers took a 112-90 victory despite Joel Embiid. Missing the game Due to management of right knee injury. Maxey took it upon himself to lead the Sixers to victory and did so by playing as a man on a mission.

In 40 minutes of play, Maxi has 44 career points plus eight rebounds and four assists. it’s hot 15-20 Off the field and connected on 9 out of 12 3-point attempts. The 21-year-old started the heated game, taking a perfect 10-10 lead from the field in the first half. He even ended up with the best real 40-point shooting percentage of his life in NBA history.

Maxi’s role in the win

With Embiid in place, there have been some notable stylistic changes in the team. The Sixers played at an increased pace and did a much better job getting up and down the field. Maxi was at the forefront of this change as James Harden also pushed the pace more than is traditionally known in his game.

one of the The biggest takeaway of The Sixers pre-season It was that Maxi seemed ready to fully establish himself on the NBA scene. He’s opened his eyes with his game already in his career, but taking the next step and becoming a frontier star seemed to be in the cards entering the season. The Kentucky producer played this way tonight and made his announcement to the NBA world once again.

With the ball starting small, and no Embiid to share with him, Maxi seemed to be consciously looking for his shot more. He used his incline speed to make his jump and mixed in a healthy dose of hesitation movements to make his shot. Before tonight, it was the highest level of his career 39 vs nuggets last year. He surpassed that total with a score of 44 and that total was vital to the Sixers’ victory.

Maxi’s role is moving forward

This Sixers team cap is highly dependent on the level of play from Harden and Embiid. However, Maxey has more than earned his spot in the offensive standings. The speed at which he plays is an interesting change compared to the two Sixers stars and should be taken advantage of more. Even after the improved efforts in the previous game, Philadelphia ranked first The last time in the NBA in pace. Giving Maxey more chances on the ball where he can open things up could be the key to turning this around.

During the victory over the Raptors, Maxi scored the highest level in the team +29 rating. The second highest rated on the team was PJ Tucker with a +15 rating. The third-year goalkeeper made every player around him better and opened up the offense because of the scoring threat he proved to be. The young guard has proven to be way ahead of every opportunity the Sixers have asked of him, and it might be time to consider putting more on his plate.

It’s great watching these dominant performances from Maxey, but the Sixers can’t let him become an afterthought in crime. Creating more combos to increase his pace and unique skills along with Harden and Embiid will greatly improve the team. The Texan made 20 and 21 field goal attempts during the last two games against the Raptors, but in the four games to start the season, he averaged just 14.5 shots per game.

As Philadelphia continues to search for its identity as a team, Maxi should be a bigger part than he was early in the season. Harden answered the call regarding his ability to start the season. Now it may be up to the Sixers to continue exploring how much of a role Maxey can handle and see if there’s a real trio growing at the top of the Sixers roster.


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