After Two Years, Instagram Deactivates Hushpuppi’s Verified Account

Instagram has deactivated the verified account of suspected online fraud Abbas Ramouni, better known as Hushpuppi who is currently on trial in the US for fraud-related activities.

PUNCH reports that Hushpuppi was arrested in Dubai by a joint team of Dubai Police and the US FBI in June 2020 for allegedly defrauding various victims, including US citizens.

Hushpuppi was subsequently extradited and charged with multiple counts of hacking, impersonation, fraud, bank fraud and identity theft.

Meanwhile, the suspected cyber crook account with @hushpuppi as his username has around 2.8 million followers, 827 k followers and 540 posts featuring his extravagant lifestyle.

Despite his arrest and prosecution, Instagram allowed Hushpuppi to share videos and photos on the platform once he did not represent dangerous organizations or individuals.

However, the social media platform appears to have revised the decision to allow the Hushpuppi account to remain active.

PUNCH recently conducted a check to confirm the activity of Hushpuppi’s account on Sunday October 30, 2022, and revealed that his account had been deactivated.

Screenshot of the search below:

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