Joel Embiid boldly claims the role of the Young Sixers


Joel Embiid picks 21 Therese Maxi No.0 of the Philadelphia 76ers against the Toronto Raptors during the first half of a basketball game at Scotiabank Arena on October 26, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It’s still very early in the season, and the Philadelphia 76ers are fiddling with ingredients to get their team to tap either side of the ball. Therese Maxi is one of those people who has seen his highly discussed role. The 21-year-old has opened his eyes about the NBA and is fresh from his 44-point career performance against the Toronto Raptors. Joel Embiid has earned some heavy praise for the young goalkeeper after his impressive streak of play which could indicate a change of role on the offense.

While talking to Keith Pompey from Philadelphia InquirerEmbiid stated, “There’s a reason I always let him fly. He should get 10 to 15 triples in a match. That’s how good a bowler is.”

Maxi shooting ability

The rise of Maxey’s shooting ability was amazing to watch. Fire concerns were one of the biggest red flags surrounding the Kentucky product that led to the draft. in One year in collegeHe shot only 29.2% in three-point attempts. These struggles featured in his rookie year as well. During the 2020-21 season, Maxey shot just 30.3% from three points.

Fast forward to today and Maxey has worked himself into one of the best shooters in the NBA. Last season he finished shooting 42.7% in long-range attempts which ranked 3rd place in the entire league. It looks like this will continue as Maxey picks up right where he left off and flashes in a fiery gunfire to start the season.

Over the first seven games of the season, Maxi shot 22 for 47 from outside the three-point bracket. This 46.8% rate only tracks PJ Tucker (8 vs 15 [53.3%]) in order to best ratio on the Sixers.

What’s next for Maxi?

As Embiid pointed out in his comments, the next move for Maxey and the Sixers for him should be more than a focal point for the team. The combination of its fast speed and impressive ocean shooting makes it a dynamic weapon that has proven capable of everything the Sixers have asked of it thus far.

If he can maintain this level of proficiency while increasing his production, Maxey has a chance to grow into one of the brightest stars in the NFL. He has seen some increase in shooting attempts from his surroundings like Maxey offline average 6.7 attempts of three points per game. However, this is well short of the ’10 to 15 goal’ that Embiid set for him. It’s as if the 21-year-old didn’t quite realize how awesome he is and often becomes passive in crime.

In fairness with Maxey, it’s easy to do while sharing the court with Embiid and James Harden. However, Sixers need to produce from the skill set they possess. Maxey’s dynamic ability to score delivers a punch to the team, and then the energy with which he plays becomes infectious to the team. Especially on nights when Harden doesn’t look 100% like him, producing Maxey is vital to the Sixers’ success.

After such a huge jump from his rookie season to his sophomore performance, it was hard to raise the bar much higher. Early signs of improved play were promising for the third-year goalkeeper. With his 22nd birthday set to fall on Friday, there is still plenty of time to develop. However, The Sixers will be based on Maxey’s production this year and his role in crime will be an interesting story to watch going forward.


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