Daniel Suarez weighs in on the crazy Martinsville move


Daniel Suarez (right) gave his thoughts on Ross Chastain’s move.

Trackhouse Racing’s Daniel Suarez provided some insight into Ross Chastain’s movement on the last lap at Martinsville Speedway. He said his teammate had to be “a little crazy” to be able to hit a wall and ride outside.

Suarez made the comments during the October 31 episode of “NASCAR Race Hub.” Analyst Larry McReynolds spoke about how Chastain’s movement reached the top five of all-time as it joined those made by some of the sport’s legends in the past. Then Suarez provided ideas from the driver’s perspective.

“It was definitely one of the craziest things,” Suarez said of Chastain’s move. “Because to me, actually, the crazy part is not doing it, but thinking about it. That, to me, is the crazy part.

“…It takes two things—and you know what I’m talking about—to be able to do that. But to think of it, and to think of it as an option, you have to be a little wild.”

Other drivers had questions about rule changes

Ross Chastain

GTRoss Chastain’s strategy has turned heads on social media.

There was no shortage of reactions on October 30 after Chastain crashed his No. 1 Chevrolet Camaro into a wall and crashed on the way to the championship fourth berth. Kyle Larson called it an “embarrassment to the sport” while some other competitors called it “really cool” or “cool”.

Joey Logano and others praised the move, but also expressed hope that NASCAR would implement a rule to prevent it in the future. Since then, the notion that there will be any changes in the near future has been considered and discontinued by the Sanctions Authority.

“At this point in looking at it, it was a move within the bounds of the rulebook,” NASCAR Director of Operations Steve O’Donnell said during a November 1 appearance on SiriusXM. “And the [we] I don’t really think it’s right to tweak the rules when we were at 35-point races in one direction and throw a wrinkle into it in 36th.”

O’Donnell also noted that there have been several attempts during NASCAR’s 75-year history. None of them succeeded until Chastain succeeded at Martinsville Speedway. He added that there had been many internal discussions about the move, as well as great feedback from other drivers.

It’s everywhere, it always has been,” O’Donnell said. “At the end of the day, we realize that we are the government. Our job is to make the call. He is unloved. If you make half people happy and half angry, you usually hit the right tune with any call.”

The US Chief of Staff does not want any changes

There have been discussions about Chastain’s move and whether it should be legal in the future. There were frank voices on every side. Larry McReynolds, in particular, presented his case on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

America’s Crew Chief made the comments during the October 31 episode of “On Track.” “Shame on NASCAR,” he said, even if they thought of coming up with a rule banning the wall, as Chastain did. He also indicated why he supported what the Trackhouse Racing driver had done.

“what happened [on Sunday]Regardless of whether he’s running or not, McReynolds said, he’s pushing the sport forward. “This can only happen in NASCAR. It can’t happen…it can happen in a local Saturday night short track race, but it can’t happen in anything.” [other] A form of motorsport.

“Everyone — hardcore, casual, maybe chime in once in a while — talking about it this morning. That boy, he didn’t cut the track. He didn’t destroy anyone. He didn’t give a warning. He destroyed his race car, but it shows his passion.”


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