Knicks give new update on Galen Bronson investigation into tampering


Jalen Bronson could get Knicks in trouble.

The New York Knicks have been given another update on the ongoing investigation into Jalen Brunson that was opened after the team reached an agreement with the former Dallas Mavericks guard.

News of the signing surfaced before the free agency even started, and the writing was on the wall that an investigation was coming. Sure enough, the NBA announced that they would be looking into whether there was tampering, and the same was said for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Sixers’ investigation has already wrappedand the team had two future second-round draft picks drawn from them.

“The cancellation of the two draft picks reflects the findings, after investigation, that the 76 players participated in free agency discussions involving players (PJ Tucker and Danuel House, Jr.) prior to the date on which such discussions were permitted.”

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski The league says it is still investigating the Knicks over signing Bronson.

Nix investigations are underway

Rather than coming to a decision at the same time as the Sixers’ investigation, Nicks is still under the microscope.

“The NBA’s investigation into early contact regarding the Knicks’ signing of free agent Galen Bronson is continuing, according to sources,” Wojnarowski’s books.

It’s hard to imagine a world where the Knicks don’t end up hitting a penalty kick because of the timing of the signing. Apparently New York held a contract with Bronson before signing him, so the remaining question is what would the punishment look like?

If it’s like the Sixers, it could potentially lead to a second-round draft loss or two, and that’s a blow the Knicks could take. They have a solid group of first rounds ahead of them, and signing Bronson looked like a relative bargain for the first six games of the year.

Bronson works

While the Knicks were sitting at 3-3 on the season, along with expectations, Bronson proved to be a huge update.

It has averaged the highest professional levels across the board, albeit with a very small sample size, but it shows the impact it can make. He came out with a dominant playoff performance for the Mavericks, so that kind of play was expected of the Knicks.

While it may mean that the Knicks lose out on future draft picks, the signature seems to be worth every day more and more. He’s on a four-year deal, so he’ll be spending a lot of time wearing the Knicks jersey, and fans are hoping he can get the team back to the playoffs.

So far, he’s showing glimpses of the possibility. Julius Randle looks a lot better when he plays alongside him, and if that continues all season, we could see a return to the All-Star Team for him.

RJ Barrett is starting the season in a shooting slump, but there’s no reason to expect him to stay on. If this trio were able to pull things together, it seemed like an inevitable outcome that they would be better than at least five other teams in the loaded Eastern Conference. This means that they will compete in the playing championship, which is likely a goal for the team this year.


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