One Piece’s Most Underrated Crew Shows How Pirates Actually Fight

The Heart Pirates, One Piece’s weakest pirate crew, defy expectations by showing everyone how pirates are actually supposed to fight.

Warning: SPOILERS for One Piece Chapter #1064The most underrated pirate crew in piece Exceed all expectations and show everyone how a pirate should actually fight. The pirates of the heart of Trafalgar de Lao have always considered a hindrance to their powerful captain, but after being attacked by the powerful Blackbeard pirates, they showed their specialty: naval warfare, which makes perfect sense to pirates.

piece It is a manga about pirates, which takes place in a world where the seas cover the majority of the globe. Ships are the most widely used means of transportation and travel, not only for pirates but for anyone else as well. However, when it comes to fighting, pieceFights almost always take place on solid ground. This is due to the fact that, for author Eiichiro Oda, pirates and seafaring are often a symbol of adventure and freedom, but he prefers to place his story in the many island nations that inhabit the world and give him the opportunity to portray a completely different one. cultures and settings. However, the fact that hackers piece The battle on the sea rarely remains a small but noticeable anomaly in the series.

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Chapter 1064 of piece It shows the presence of at least one pirate crew who specializes in combat in sea battles, just as real pirates do. The Heart Pirates, led by Trafalgar Law, are ambushed shortly after leaving Wano Country by the fearsome Blackbeard, who is plotting to rob the Poneglyphs’ road into Law’s estate. Despite expectations that the mighty Blackbeard Pirates would easily gain the upper hand, Heart Pirates are actually able to catch them and even put their opponents on the ropes, all thanks to their experience fighting in battles on the sea. They are also able to exploit a major weakness in Blackbeard Pirates, all of whom are Devil Fruit users and thus have lost the ability to swim.

The Lao Heart Pirates are the only ones who fight like actual pirates

Heart Pirates were usually considered the weakest crew among the worst generation, as their fighting ability paled in comparison to their Captain Lu and his absurd powers. However, as it turned out, the reason was simply that the Heart Pirates hadn’t had the chance to shine yet, due to their specialization. In Wano, for example, they could not make a significant contribution to the raid on Onigashima, because the battle took place far from the sea. However, it makes more sense for pirates to focus on fighting at sea because, in theory, this is where the majority of their battles should take place.

Heart Pirates may lack outstanding fighters like Zoro or Sanji for the Straw Hats, but they are extremely well coordinated and have a huge advantage against anyone who fights at sea, especially Devil Fruit users, who risk sinking once their ship is sunk. pieceThe underrated cast proved to be much stronger than fans previously thought, and showed the world how pirates should actually fight back.

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